Cake Boss – Buddy Makes Me A Burger Cake, I Make TV Better

When I came up with the idea eat 31 Burgers in 31 days to celebrate National Hamburger Month this past May I had no intentions other than to enjoy some delicious Burgers with my friends. My motto is “if it’s worth doing, it’s worth over doing,” which probably explains the 47 Burgers I ate in 31 days to celebrate. While there were a few days when I didn’t think I would make it through the month, there were zero days that I thought it would get me on TV, let alone a spotlight on an episode of TLC’s “Cake Boss.”

But I did…

I got a call from TLC’s “Cake Boss”, Buddy (the “Cake Boss”) from Carlo’s Bake Shop in Hoboken saw my National Hamburger Month challenge and wanted to make me a gigantic Hamburger Cake to congratulate me on my celebration of National Hamburger Month. I whisked out to NJ, had a consultation with Buddy where I told him about my love for Burgers. Buddy was going to make me a cake and then deliver to the bar I own, Idle Hands in New York City’s East Village.

Thanks to the help of Kyle and the guys upstairs at Billy Hurricanes, we had a massive Hamburger Party for the arrival of Buddy and the Cakes. Much to my surprise, Buddy and his crew actually made me not 1 but 3 whopping Hamburger Cakes. It took 4 people to get them down the stairs and onto the stage.

Once there, Buddy and I cut the Cake and we surprised his crew by making them some of the Burgers from our menu in exchange for the Cakes. From there, we all celebrated stuffing ourselves with the delicious, MASSIVE Hamburger Cakes!

Thanks to Buddy, Carlos’ Bake Shop and TLC for honoring me, my SUPER AWESOME Blog, my rockin’ bar and my Glorious Pursuit of Delicious Burgers.

Thank you to my co-owners, Marc, Rob, Kyle, Roland and Billy and everyone else from Idle Hands & Billy Hurricane’s for helping to throw a ridiculous party that finally got our names on TV!

Gracias, muy mucho a Carlos Charlie who took charge of the Cake clean up.

Thank you to all of my friends, supporters and fellow foodie bloggers for coming down to celebrate with us, including Michael Pitt from “Boardwalk Empire!” You’re all Burger Famous now, congrats!

Most importantly, thank you to my amazing wife (and accomplished author) who puts up with incessant obsession with Burgers and Beer. The only thing I’m more obsessed with is her. I love you Cara.

To all the haters and people who have ever laughed at, smirked, blown off or generally show some kind of unwarranted negativity to anything Burger Conquest related…


Since it’s obvious, I make reality TV better, i’d like to put it out there, that it’s about time someone gave me my own show! To make the decision a little more obvious, I’ve put together my reality show and music video appearance career resume together.

Download my Reality Show Resume here:
REV Reality Show Resume


  • Reality Show On Screen Professional Eater
  • Reality Show Mood Enhancer
  • Music Video Extra

Reality Show Appearances

“The Classics of NYC” Episode
– Expert Burger Taster and NYC Burger Sherpa for Host George Motz (Link)

“The Doctors Take On Los Angeles” Episode
– Hand Model, my photos used in segment featuring my signature move, The Left Hand Grab (Link)

CAKE BOSS – TLC (2011)
“Cheeseburgers, Cures & a Challenge” Episode
– Episode subject & Cake Taster; “Buddy” The Cake Boss makes “Rev” 3 gigantic Burger cakes to congratulate him on his National Hamburger Month Challenge (Link)

Season 13 Premier Episode
– Applauding Mosher during Adam’s receiving of his key (Link)

Episode 112
– Temperature Commentator “Why would you order it any other way?” (Link)

“Pregnancy Runway” Episode

– Wardrobe Litigator “So what about a Black Sabbath onesy? Can it have that?” (Link)

“The 105-Pound Burger” Episode
– Attempted to eat 105 pound Burger (Link)

“New York Plate of Mind” Episode

– Crowd Motivator; “How much money do you have? Get down here!” (Link)

“Los Angeles: Food Trucks” Episode
– Expert Burger Taster; interviewed about the Grill ‘Em All Truck “Molly Hatchet Burger” (Link)

Music Video Appearances

SHADOWS FALL “Still I Rise” (2009)

– Cage Rattler (Link)

MURDER BY DEATH “Sometimes The Line Walks You” (2006)
– Jail Warden (Link)

MURDER BY DEATH “Brother” (2006)
– Police Officer (Link)

SHADOWS FALL “Enlightened By The Cold” (2005)
– Meet and Greet Bro-Hugger & Back Stage Guy (Link)

SHADOWS FALL “Inspiration on Demand” (2005)
– Guy on bus (Link)

SHADOWS FALL “The Power of I and I” (2004)
– Party Guy (Link)

SHADOWS FALL “The Idiot Box” (2003)
– Horns Up guy (Link)

SHADOWS FALL “Destroyer of Senses” (2003)
– Janitor & Mosher (Link)

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