The Cattle Call – Burgerac

The Cattle Call – Burgerac

The Cattle Call – All the beef that’s behind the people who make & connect us to the Burgerverse.


I started blogging about his burger-eating eating exploits in January 2011 under the guise of “Burgerac, a burger detective hot on the trail of the best burger in town.” A few months later, (to my amazement), my blog was recommended by The Guide (The Guardian), The Sunday Times’ Style magazine – and has even been name-checked by Evening Standard’s restaurant critic Fay Maschler, no less.

Since starting the blog I’ve judged a nationwide burger contest alongside Bloomberg food critic Richard Vines; hosted my own burger-pop up food and art event in London, Cape Town and Dublin; published a burger art and recipe book; AND created my own nifty iPhone app (Burgerapp) that enables users to find London’s best burgers.

I’m now hosting his own kitchen residency, Burgershack, serving up a selection of burgers and sides at The Royal Oak pub in Marylebone.

Name: Burgerac


Where do you live: Stoke Newington, London, UK.

Favorite style of Burger: I don’t really have a favourite – I appreciate lots of different approaches. That said, I don’t want a sloppy burger with so much sauce or mayo that you can’t taste the beef. Beef comes first!

Favorite Childhood Burger: McDonald’s cheeseburger. Not just because of the burger, but because McDonald’s was a somewhere my folks never took me – they weren’t interested in American fast food. In a way Maccy Dees was almost taboo and therefore, naturally, hugely appealing to me as a kid! Their adverts had a seven armed creature that stole milkshakes, a masked dude in a cape that stole hamburgers, trees with faces and a ridiculously upbeat grinning clown that seemed to run things. I went there for friends’ birthday parties between the age of 5 and 10 and the place was made out of yellow and red plastic (from what I could tell), there was a life-size Ronald McDonald statue thing you could get your photo taken with, placemats to colour in, a free toy, fizzy drinks, french fries and happy meals. It was pretty much the most awesome place a child could possibly find himself. And, in some ways, I think I did find myself. Spiritually. A maccy dees cheeseburger still delivers the same flavour as it did in the 70s and 80s, and with it untold heaps of nostalgia. 

Burger that haunts your dreams at night: A one-night-only burger cooked by Miles Kirby from London restaurant Caravan for a BurgerMonday event back in March 2011. It featured an 8oz course ground patty, unpasteurised Irish cheese (St Gall), wild spring garlic leaves, iceberg lettuce and the first smokey chipotle mayo I ever encountered. A total game changer. Frustratingly, Caravan has never ever put a burger on its menu.

What is the one Burger you’ve always wanted to try but still have not: I have never had an In-N-Out burger. Don’t even say anything. 

The secret to making a great Burger: The secret for making a great burger is actually the secret to making a great anything: you’ve got to have love in your heart and a desire to create something awesome. In the case of making a burger, beyond doing your research to find out how to make something authentic and brilliant, you’ve got to consider the diner and how the burger will eat. Construction, size, architecture are just as important as your choice of ingredients. 

Under no circumstances whatsoever, what should NEVER be put on a Burger: I used to think rocket salad leaves were the worst thing ever to put in a burger. But then I had a blow-your-brains-out awesome beef shin burger in Belfast, Northern Ireland where rocket actually worked and it made me realise that when it comes to burgers (and food in general), I should adopt a “never say never” approach. Because, sometimes, the seemingly weirdest ingredient combinations can deliver the greatest joy.

If you could eat any Mythical Creature which would it be: Hercules’ 10th task (on his legendary to-do list) was to journey to the end of the world where he would face a fearsome two headed dog called Orthrus (the brother of the more famous three-headed guardian of the underworld, Cerberus) in order to steal a herd of mythical red cattle. With typical brutal aplomb, Hercules bashed Orthrus with his club and slayed the beast. Actually Hercules also slayed the dog’s owner Geryon and his herdsman Eurytion too but I’m straying from the point slightly. My mythical creatures of choice to eat are those cattle which were worth traveling  to the ends of the earth to steal.

If you could have a Burger with anyone alive, or dead, fictional or real, who would it be and where would you take them: Elvis, of course. I’d take him to my own burger pop-up to try a burger or two and then I’d take him to a branch of burger chain Byron to get a milkshake (they’re the best in town). Then we’d go to Gerry’s Joint up at The Boogaloo in Highgate for a night of rhythm’n’blues with my mates.

Name one Burger in LA that for once, people should get off a plane and go eat instead of In-N-Out: Like I said earlier, I’ve never had In-N-Out – for the simple reason I’ve never been to California / the West Coast. Yeah, something I need to address pretty soon. My friend and sometime contributor to Burgerac, Karen totally loved the Comme Ça burger at David Myers’ West Hollywood restaurant of the same name. If I was in that part of the world, I’d want to check out Umami Burger too, for sure.

Please use this space to talk about or plug anything else you want:


I’ve currently got my own pop up / residency in a freshly refurbished pub in Marylebone in central London came up. Burgershack basically came about when the guys that own the pub asked me if I’d work with them to curate a series of food pop-ups. I got in touch with a load of ace street food vendors to see if they’d be up for residing in the kitchen for a couple of weeks at a time potentially and while several were keen to get involved, everyone explained they were booked up (understandably) until September.

The guys at The Royal Oak wanted to get something up and running almost immediately so asked if I’d do something myself. That was three weeks ago. And we’ve already been open over a week. Things have moved FAST! We’re serving a simple menu of a handful of burgers and a handful of side dishes, but developing new dishes to run as specials and rotate the menu offering weekly.

We’re getting a great response from the locals and are looking to organise a launch party of sorts in a couple of weeks. I feel like I’m living the burger dream.

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10 of the Best Burger Blogs In The World

10 of the Best Burger Blogs In The World

Do you often find yourself asking “where should I go eat a Burger?” Believe it or not, I do too. The following is a list of some of the best blogs in the entire world to find out about Burgers, Burger news and Burger related events.

Welcome to my network of Burger Bloggers.

Boston Burger Blog
– A running stream of delicious looking Burger photos and reviews of Boston based Burgers from Chef Richard Chudy, who is a self-proclaimed Food snob.


: Boston
Favorite Blog Post: Alden & Harlow – anyone that eats a Burger and then returns later that same day to eat it again, truly loves Burgers.


– Traditionally the UK doesn’t have the strongest history of being known as a Food destination but reading Burgerac will make you believe otherwise. Along with intense close up photos, you’ll find Burger merchandise and cool Burger oriented art projects like the “Burgermat Show,” a collection of cool Burger place mats in Burger form.


Coverage: London and other parts UK
Favorite Blog Post: Patty & Bun Ari Gold – Gav’s in depth description of each Food item he ate is as mouth watering as the pictures. Plus, as one of the founding members of NYC Wing-Off, I always appreciate praise of good Hot Wings.


Burger Beast
WARNING! Following South Florida eater extraordinaire, Burger Beast, will make you hungry, ALL THE TIME. The Beast always tells it like it is and has an amazing working knowledge of all the best eats in the area. He also hosts some of the greatest Food events in all the land, like the Burger Brawl.


Coverage: South Florida, mostly Miami.
Favorite Blog Post: Saturdays at El Mago de las Fritas – This post made me want to be there in the moment with the Burger Beast, eating everything listed. Thankfully on my first trip to meet him, I got to live it. Your brain will melt as the Chicharrones start cooking.


Burger Business
– Unlike the rest of the sites listed, Burger Business is not a site for Food reviews. As the name states, it’s a trusted news source for all that is happening in the business of Burgers. I read it daily.


Coverage: National and International Burger News
Favorite Blog Post: The State of the Burger Market, 2014 – What other source do you have for finding out that the US Burger business is worth $73 billion and that there are roughly 1.6 burger restaurants for every 10,000 Americans?

Burger Junkies

– The best Food blogs are written by people who are truly passionate about eating and Burger Junkies is one of the best examples out there. They also host the annual Sacramento Burger Battle.


Coverage: California, mostly Northern.
Favorite Blog Post: Playground Burger – The Playground – Santa Ana, CA – Rodney not only knows how to weave a good tale but is incredibly talented when it comes to a detailed review of a Burger. This is a perfect example.


Burger Weekly
– What started as a blog that reviewed Burgers in NYC has become the fastest growing network of Burger bloggers around the country. This crew owns the hashtag “#BurgerPorn” and will have you in a constant state of liking Burger photos.


Coverage: Most New York City but growing correspondence around the US.
Favorite Blog Post: Piper’s Kilt – Some people never travel further North than 57th Street in Manhattan or East of 1st Ave to eat a Burger. There are a lot of great, great Burgers out there in NYC and Piper’s Kilt is definitely one of them.


Charlotte Burger Blog
– I’m not sure if their birth names are actually Hereford and Angus but I am going to stick to the belief that it is the case. In their Burger reviews they bring a scale and tape measure so that you the reader can have an accurate description of the Burger.


Coverage: Charlotte, NC
Favorite Blog Post: Snoop’s Grill – These guys are great story tellers and their reviews read like a conversation between two people calling a baseball game. This Hereford solo adventure in particular has a great reference to Dante’s Inferno and any time you can relate Mephistopheles to a Hamburger, you have my attention.


Chicago Burger Blog
– I love what I like to call “Burger Hero Shots,” which are just large photos of Burgers that make you want to put them in your face. Welcome to every review on the Chicago Burger Blog.


Coverage: Chicago, IL.
Favorite Blog Post: The Burger Point ~ The Dirty South and The Ashman- Click the link and look at the picture. You will instantly read everything they have to say.


Hamburger Me!
– To expand upon the exploration of the British Burger scene, you can rely on Hamburger Me! to deliver the goods. Bonus, they sell Burger Me! cuff links.


Coverage: London, UK
Favorite Blog Post:  Elliot’s Cafe: The burger that blew my socks off – If this review does not make you want to instantly be seated in front of this Burger, you might be on the wrong blog.


Hoosier Burger Boy
Hoosier Burger Boy is photographer Scott R. Kline’s love letter to Burgers and all their accouterments will give you a realistic look at the Burger scene in and around San Francisco and other places from his travels.


Coverage: North California and beyond.
Favorite Blog Post: Bill’s Place San Francisco, CA – When I am visiting a town I generally want to eat the Burgers that have stood the test of time. This post put a trip to Bill’s high on my list for my next visit to the Bay Area.


Where do you go to get your Food and Burger news and reviews? Send me a tweet.


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Bacon and Beer Classic NYC 2014 at Citi Field

Bacon and Beer Classic
Citi Field Ballpark
123-01 Roosevelt Ave
New York, NY 11368



What’s better than bacon? You might think the obvious answer is “nothing,” but the right answer is “more Bacon!” What’s better than more Bacon? More Bacon and Craft Beer…in festival form! Thankfully the fine folks at Cannonball Productions feel so strongly about this that they created the Bacon and Beer Classic. 

Bacon Cheeseburgers from Schweid and Sonsbacon_and_beer_classic_nyc_citi_field_2014_burger_conquest_winners_photos_information_41

In their own words, the bacon and beer classic is a one-of-a-kind event hosted inside major league baseball stadiums across America. It is a premier experience focused on traditions where one’s nostalgia of baseball meets their love for bacon and beer. As the up to 10,000 attendees walk through the stadium they will get a taste of history through the hundreds of craft brew samples and mouth-watering bacon-inspired tastes local restaurants cook up.Live music will get people dancing, interactive games will bring out their inner kid, and the cooking demos and beer schools will teach everyone – from the expert to the novice – a thing or two about bacon and beer.

Sounds good right? Wait until you see how it looks.


BLT Cup from Ribs Within

For those with a VIP pass it meant 4 non-stop hours of eating Bacon dishes from all kinds of restaurants and suppliers and sampling of what felt like an un-ending sea of Craft Beers. Lucky enough for me, I was asked to be a judge of the event and got to attend both the brunch and evening sessions. That meant Bacon after Bacon after Bacon after Bacon and all washed down with all sorts of IPAs, White Beers, Porters, Stouts, Ciders and other Crafted Beers.

Bacon Mini Burgers from F.Ottomanelli Burgers & Belgian Friesbacon_and_beer_classic_nyc_citi_field_2014_burger_conquest_winners_photos_information_8952

It was my duty (and honor) to taste all the wonderful dishes served along with the other judges. With 50 plus dishes, it was no easy task. Our tasting sheets listing all the Food was 3 full pages long! There were several instances when I thought I couldn’t eat another bite and then after I took a moment to relax, I remembered it was Bacon!

Bacon and Blue Pizza Bites from South Brooklyn Pizzabacon_and_beer_classic_nyc_citi_field_2014_burger_conquest_winners_photos_information_8957

Peanut Butter and Bacon Burger from Whitman’s NYCbacon_and_beer_classic_nyc_citi_field_2014_burger_conquest_winners_photos_information_8964

Bourbon Bacon Mini Donuts from Sweet Dreams

This was not available to eat but the Lardon over a Fire Roasted Corn Salad from Strip House was, I just didn’t take a picture of it.bacon_and_beer_classic_nyc_citi_field_2014_burger_conquest_winners_photos_information_8959

Maple Bacon on a Stick from Landhausbacon_and_beer_classic_nyc_citi_field_2014_burger_conquest_winners_photos_information_24

Truffle Chicken & Smoked Bacon Quesadilla from Crowne Plaza Times Square Brasserie 1605bacon_and_beer_classic_nyc_citi_field_2014_burger_conquest_winners_photos_information_25

Alambre de Tocino from Sembradobacon_and_beer_classic_nyc_citi_field_2014_burger_conquest_winners_photos_information_26

Triple Cut Maple Glazed Bacon Chimichurri from Lexington Brassbacon_and_beer_classic_nyc_citi_field_2014_burger_conquest_winners_photos_information_28

Maple Bacon wrapped Slider stuffed with Brie from The Dog and Duck with a very excited Adam Poch glaring at my bite.) bacon_and_beer_classic_nyc_citi_field_2014_burger_conquest_winners_photos_information_8971

Grilled Bacon Bites from Pig Guy NYCbacon_and_beer_classic_nyc_citi_field_2014_burger_conquest_winners_photos_information_8981bacon_and_beer_classic_nyc_citi_field_2014_burger_conquest_winners_photos_information_8987

The one thing I was not able to do was take photos of all the tasty bites. With dozens and dozens of dishes to eat and rate, I just had too many things going on and too many papers, folders, pens and a tasty cup to carry around. Waaauugh, I know.


Schweid and Sons is a a retail brand of high-quality, fresh, gourmet ground beef made by Burger Maker. The Bacon and Beer Classic was the very first public event that the company has participated in. bacon_and_beer_classic_nyc_citi_field_2014_burger_conquest_winners_photos_information_01

Schweid and Sons served a Bacon Cheeseburger on a Martin’s Potato Roll, made with The Custom Blend: a custom blend of Certified Angus Beef chuck and brisket, for a tender juicy burger.bacon_and_beer_classic_nyc_citi_field_2014_burger_conquest_winners_photos_information_19

Currently it’s available at ShopRite stores around the greater NYC area. bacon_and_beer_classic_nyc_citi_field_2014_burger_conquest_winners_photos_information_39

Was it delicious? I would of course tell you yes, it’s the best Burger Meat available. What happens to it after you get some is up to you.bacon_and_beer_classic_nyc_citi_field_2014_burger_conquest_winners_photos_information_16

But don’t ask me, ask the official judges as they voted it “Judges Choice: Best Bacon Dish.” Let it be known that I abstained from voting once Schweid and Sons was nominated.bacon_and_beer_classic_nyc_citi_field_2014_burger_conquest_winners_photos_information_9071

Enjoy some more Burger glory shots courtesy of Ben Trivett Photography.bacon_and_beer_classic_nyc_citi_field_2014_burger_conquest_winners_photos_information_04bacon_and_beer_classic_nyc_citi_field_2014_burger_conquest_winners_photos_information_07 bacon_and_beer_classic_nyc_citi_field_2014_burger_conquest_winners_photos_information_08 bacon_and_beer_classic_nyc_citi_field_2014_burger_conquest_winners_photos_information_09 bacon_and_beer_classic_nyc_citi_field_2014_burger_conquest_winners_photos_information_10 bacon_and_beer_classic_nyc_citi_field_2014_burger_conquest_winners_photos_information_11bacon_and_beer_classic_nyc_citi_field_2014_burger_conquest_winners_photos_information_34 bacon_and_beer_classic_nyc_citi_field_2014_burger_conquest_winners_photos_information_35 bacon_and_beer_classic_nyc_citi_field_2014_burger_conquest_winners_photos_information_12 bacon_and_beer_classic_nyc_citi_field_2014_burger_conquest_winners_photos_information_13 bacon_and_beer_classic_nyc_citi_field_2014_burger_conquest_winners_photos_information_18bacon_and_beer_classic_nyc_citi_field_2014_burger_conquest_winners_photos_information_20bacon_and_beer_classic_nyc_citi_field_2014_burger_conquest_winners_photos_information_14 bacon_and_beer_classic_nyc_citi_field_2014_burger_conquest_winners_photos_information_22 bacon_and_beer_classic_nyc_citi_field_2014_burger_conquest_winners_photos_information_23bacon_and_beer_classic_nyc_citi_field_2014_burger_conquest_winners_photos_information_36 bacon_and_beer_classic_nyc_citi_field_2014_burger_conquest_winners_photos_information_37 bacon_and_beer_classic_nyc_citi_field_2014_burger_conquest_winners_photos_information_40 bacon_and_beer_classic_nyc_citi_field_2014_burger_conquest_winners_photos_information_42 bacon_and_beer_classic_nyc_citi_field_2014_burger_conquest_winners_photos_information_43 bacon_and_beer_classic_nyc_citi_field_2014_burger_conquest_winners_photos_information_44 bacon_and_beer_classic_nyc_citi_field_2014_burger_conquest_winners_photos_information_45



To be included with this group was a complete honor. Their influence on the culinary and dining culture is incredible and to think I am on some similar level is funny and exciting to me.


We had a blast eating and hanging out but we took our roles very seriously. For each session, we spent nearly a collective hour’s worth of time discussing the nominees and deliberating the winners.

Despite a heavy amount of differentiating opinions, everything ran along smoothly … until Mr. Met showed up in the green room. For those that don’t know, I have a slight case of Masklophobia – fear of mascots/costumes. Everyone else thought this was hilarious. bacon_and_beer_classic_nyc_citi_field_2014_burger_conquest_winners_photos_information_47

Announcing the winners from a top the Mets dugout.bacon_and_beer_classic_nyc_citi_field_2014_burger_conquest_winners_photos_information_50 bacon_and_beer_classic_nyc_citi_field_2014_burger_conquest_winners_photos_information_53 bacon_and_beer_classic_nyc_citi_field_2014_burger_conquest_winners_photos_information_54 bacon_and_beer_classic_nyc_citi_field_2014_burger_conquest_winners_photos_information_55 bacon_and_beer_classic_nyc_citi_field_2014_burger_conquest_winners_photos_information_56 bacon_and_beer_classic_nyc_citi_field_2014_burger_conquest_winners_photos_information_57bacon_and_beer_classic_nyc_citi_field_2014_burger_conquest_winners_photos_information_9105

Bucket list achievement unlocked: selfie of a selfie of me on the Citi Field jumbotron…wearing a Yankees hat. 

TL;DR – There was a lot of Bacon, Beer and delicious Cheeseburgers at the Bacon and Beer Classic at Citi Field.

Watch it in 30 seconds:

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The Cattle Call – Kate Levenstien from Bacon and Beer Classic

The Cattle Call – Kate Levenstien from Bacon and Beer Classic

The Cattle Call – All the beef that’s behind the people who make & connect us to the Burgerverse.


I grew up traveling and and was a very adventurous eater. I’d fall in love with the different food in each region I visited. My parents are unbelievable chefs and take care of a big garden filled with vegetables, flowers and herbs. After graduating from UW-Madison, I was managing large-scale events, specifically 5K races and beer festivals, but wanted to incorporate my passion for food into my work. That’s why I started the Bacon and Beer Classic in September 2013. It’s so inspiring to work with food-focused non-profits, local chefs, restaurants, brewers, industry influencers and writers. I love nothing more than connecting locals with a new restaurant, watching them try a new food, or showing them a new way to cook or prepare food in their own home! Excited to bring this event to NYC in July and more cities around the country!

Name: Kate Levenstien, CEO and Founder of Cannonball Productions and the Bacon and Beer Classic


Where do you live: I just moved to the West Village after 5 years in Chicago. But, I was born and raised in good ‘ole Jersey!

Favorite style of Burger: Obviously it has to include bacon! I had this unforgettable burger at a spot in Manly Beach, Australia. It had beetroot, bacon, cheddar, egg, lettuce, tomato and some killer aioli.

Favorite Childhood Burger: Black bean. We used to make homemade veggie burgers with everything you can imagine. I was raised a vegetarian, but now I think of myself more as a bacontarian!

Burger that haunts your dreams at night: I just had my first Ramen Burger at Smorgasburg and it blew my mind. I’ve caught myself daydreaming about it a lot this week…

What is the one Burger you’ve always wanted to try but still have not: Fergburger in New Zealand. I was there and the line was insane, but I had to run to go skydiving and couldn’t wait in line. I’ll get back there one day…

The secret to making a great Burger: Don’t overcook it! Burgers should be oozing with juice. And you can never go wrong with adding a few strips of crispy bacon.

Under no circumstances whatsoever, what should NEVER be put on a Burger: I can’t imagine a peanut butter and jelly burger…but I never say never!

If you could eat any Mythical Creature which would it be: A werewolf burger! Owwwwwwww!

If you could have a Burger with anyone alive, or dead, fictional or real, who would it be and where would you take them:  I’d love to grab a burger in a drive-thru on Willy Nelson’s RV…preferably a White Castle.

Name one Burger in LA that for once, people should get off a plane and go eat instead of In-N-Out: I haven’t spent enough time out in LA to know…but they should definitely head straight to Kuma’s Corner in Chicago!

Please use this space to talk about or plug anything else you want: The Bacon and Beer Classic is heading inside of Citi Field on July 26th! We’ve rented out the ballpark and Aramark (for the first time ever!) so we can bring in over 100 craft breweries and restaurants to make bacon dishes for everyone to sample! There will be music, food demos and beer schools and crazy games – think dunk tanks, Whiffle ball, giant Jenga, inflatable bungee run and cornhole!


Use code “BaconBurgerGA” to get $11 off GA tickets
Use code “BaconBurgerVIP” to get $21 off VIP tickets



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Bacon and Beer Classic NYC – Discounted Tickets

Bacon and Beer Classic
July 26, 2014
Citi Field Ballpark
123-01 Roosevelt Ave New York, NY 11368

Use code “BaconBurgerGA” to get $11 off GA tickets
Use code “BaconBurgerVIP” to get $21 off VIP tickets

The following is a complete list of things that are great about Bacon and Beer:


Bacon and Beer Classicbacon_and_beer_classic_nyc_citi_field_2014_tickets_judges_burger_conquest_rev_ciancio_adam_poch_Seattle_PSC7622

Join me, Adam Poch, AKA “bacon spokesman” from Big Brother 13, Chef Lisa Fernandes from Top Chef Season 4, Ben Robinson from Thrillist and Chef Russell Jackson from Next Food Network Star Season 9 for a day of delicious Bacony goodness and cold, tasty Craft Brews on July 26 at Citi Field in NYC. Adam and I are helping the event producers to curate the Food by inviting some of our favorite restaurants around NYC. They’ve also asked us to be part of the official event judging team, so you know we are only looking for the best of the best Bacon dishes in NYC!


From Cannonball Productions, the promoter:

The bacon and beer classic is a one-of-a-kind event hosted inside major league baseball stadiums across America. It is a premier experience focused on traditions where one’s nostalgia of baseball meets their love for bacon and beer. As the up to 10,000 attendees walk through the stadium they will get a taste of history through the hundreds of craft brew samples and mouth-watering bacon-inspired tastes local restaurants cook up. Live music will get people dancing, interactive games will bring out their inner kid, and the cooking demos and beer schools will teach everyone – from the expert to the novice – a thing or two about bacon and beer.

Our events are always ALL INCLUSIVE. From the moment you walk into the park, it’s all about the experience, and not about opening up your wallet.


There are 2 sessions you can choose from:

  • The Brunch session runs from 12 p.m. until 3 p.m.
  • Evening session from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m.

We’ve also asked very, very nicely and Cannon Ball Productions are letting us bring you the biggest discount on tickets you will find out there. Go ahead, Google it if you don’t believe us.

Use code “BaconBurgerGA” to get $11 off GA tickets
Use code “BaconBurgerVIP” to get $21 off VIP tickets

Don’t wait, get your tickets now!


If you are a bar, restaurant, food shop, caterer or brewery and would like to participate, please contact us.

Check out a list of some of the participating restaurants:


Check out a list of some of the participating breweries:


Bacon and Beer Classic Bacon and Beer Classic Bacon and Beer Classic Bacon and Beer Classic Bacon and Beer Classic Bacon and Beer Classic Bacon and Beer Classicbacon_and_beer_classic_nyc_citi_field_2014_tickets_judges_burger_conquest_rev_ciancio_adam_poch_Seattle_PSC7641 bacon_and_beer_classic_nyc_citi_field_2014_tickets_judges_burger_conquest_rev_ciancio_adam_poch_Seattle_PSC7788 bacon_and_beer_classic_nyc_citi_field_2014_tickets_judges_burger_conquest_rev_ciancio_adam_poch_Seattle_PSC7844 bacon_and_beer_classic_nyc_citi_field_2014_tickets_judges_burger_conquest_rev_ciancio_adam_poch_Seattle_PSC8020

Scroll back up. The ticket form is at the top!

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3rd Annual Flag Day Burger and Beer Festival at Holy City Brewing

Flag Day Burger and Beer Festival
Holy City Brewing
4155 C Dorchester Road
North Charleston, South Carolina



While working at The 2014 Charleston Food Film Festival “Food Porn” party, I met Chef Shay MacDonald.  He was making Turtle Burgers and like most conversations I get involved with, the discussion became focused on the subject of Hamburgers. Shay is the Chef at Charleston, South Carolina’s Burger and Ping Pong Valhalla, HoM. They offer other things but the main reason to go there is to go paddle to paddle with a friends over a tasty cocktail or to sample from Shay’s menu of out-of-this-world Burger creations.

While talking “Burg” with Chef Shay he mentioned he had his own annual Burger Festival. It takes place every June 14th in Charleston, on Flag Day, to commemorate the adoption of the flag of the United States. The event centers around local Burgers from a number of Burger-centric restaurants and local brews from Holy City and other breweries. The proceeds of the event are donated to a local no-kill, non-profit 501(c)3 Adoption Center for animals called Pet Helpers. Burgers, Beers, America and super cute Pooches? There was no holding me back from getting involved from Shay’s Flag Day Burger and Beer Festival!

As you know, I work for Burger Maker, a family owned and operated ground Beef processor. We have the highest-quality and freshest to market Burgers in the business. One of my roles at the company is to help cool events like this to be a success. A couple of phone calls later and it was official, we were happy to be sponsoring the event.

Saturday, June 14, 2014
Flag Day Burger and Beer Festival
Holy City Brewing
4155 Dorchester Rd
Charleston, SC 29405
12:00 – 6:00 pm

Price: $10 donation


  • Entrance to event
  • Donation
  • Free Koozie to first 100 people

The Third Annual Flag Day Burger and Beer Festival will be held on Saturday, June 14th at Holy City Brewery. 

Gathering the best local burgers from in and around Charleston along with Local beers from inside Charleston and South Carolina.

Food & drink available for purchase

Participating restaurants:

Each participating restaurant was allowed to sell as many different kinds of Burgers as they wanted along with any sides. They were all given access to choose any Burger Maker product offered to make them.

Once you paid to be in the festival, you could go from tent to tent and purchase as many of them as you wanted to try. Most were priced around $4-$5 so overall, a very affordable experience considering what you were getting. Beers were available in the same manner as well as inside of Holy City. I tried my best to have as many Burgers and different Beers as I could but I am only one man! Below are the Burgers I got to personally enjoy.

HoM – The Lil’ Mac Burger :
Featuring Burger Maker’s Certified Angus Beef signature custom blend of Chuck, Brisket and Short Rib mixed with Pasta and Cheddar and the topped with Gouda Mornay, Bacon Crumble, Roasted Garlic Aioli and Tomato Jam.

Flag_Day_Burger_and_Beer_Festival_Charletson_SC_Holy_City_Brewing_Burger_Maker_061414_6209 Flag_Day_Burger_and_Beer_Festival_Charletson_SC_Holy_City_Brewing_Burger_Maker_061414_6214 Flag_Day_Burger_and_Beer_Festival_Charletson_SC_Holy_City_Brewing_Burger_Maker_061414_6221

Southside 17 – Bellagio
Featuring Burger Maker’s fresh Wagyu with smoked Gouda, Caramelized Onions & Portobello Newcastle Mayo – cooked perfectly and pictures with Bun protection from a Burger Lift.

They also used our signature custom blend of Chuck, Brisket and Sirloin for another Burger but it had Shrimp on it and I don’t eat shramps.

Flag_Day_Burger_and_Beer_Festival_Charletson_SC_Holy_City_Brewing_Burger_Maker_061414_6239 Flag_Day_Burger_and_Beer_Festival_Charletson_SC_Holy_City_Brewing_Burger_Maker_061414_6246

Charleston Beer Works – Palmetto Burger
Using some of the best ground beef available – Burger Maker’s USDA Prime Chuck topped with Bacon, Arugula, house Pimento Cheese and a Pickled Green Tomato. Bun integrity provided by Burger Lift


Unfortunately due to an over-full stomach and a torrential downpour that cut the festival a little short, I was not able to eat all of the Burgers available. Really bummed out I didn’t get to try “The Memphis,” from Sesame Burgers & Beer. It was made with Burger Maker’s Certified Humane, All Natural Ground Beef and topped with Bacon, Banana and House Made Peanut Butter!


There were a lot of tasty Beers served at the festival, especially with Holy City offering their full line up in the tasting room. I’d have to say though, my favorite of the day was one that Holy City made just for the event: Old Lightning Smoked Scotch Ale. Here’s the story directly from the Brewery:

To celebrate the “Burger” part, we’ve brewed a low ABV, smoky Scotch Ale, chock full of body and with just enough smoky character to complement your grilled patty of choice. The original idea was to name this beer for the one the first cows in the Angus breed line, Old Granny. Fortunately, our trusty brewer Tim “Manuel Fantastico” Bettencourt did what he always does: he made things fantastic. He related the story perfectly, but changed the name from Old Granny to Old Lightning in his version. Makes sense.


Another personal fave was Holy City’s Hall & Oatmeal Stout. A Stout is not exactly the style of Beer you want to be drinking on a hot day in the sun but damn it was good.


Also worthy of note, Palmetto Brewery’s American Red Amber Ale. Not many Breweries would choose an Amber to be their flagship Beer but when it’s this smooth and malty, it absolutely makes sense to me.


Of course one of my favorite parts about the Beer portion of the event was carrying them around in my limited edition Flag Day Burger and Beer Festival / Burger Maker co-branded Beer koozie!


THE POOCHESFlag_Day_Burger_and_Beer_Festival_Charletson_SC_Holy_City_Brewing_Burger_Maker_061414_6199

The other reason I didn’t get to sample all the Burgers was a welcome distraction in the form of dogs. Pet Helpers brought with them a number of canines who were looking for a new home. The dogs were around all day and available for petting, playing and of course adoption. I swear if I lived in the area, all of them would’ve come home with me.

Peanut Butter (adopted)

Jelly (adopted)

Diamond (adopted)

McGriddle – (still available for adoption at time of post. Click here)

Please take this dog home! It’s hard to play favorites when all the pooch buddies were so damn adorable and friendly but McGriddle was definitely my fave. I chased him around all day for extra petting and hugs. He’s super friendly, loves to play and these huge paws that just scream “I AM SO DAMN CUTE AND LOVEABLE.”


The Burgers were great. The Beer was delicious. The dogs were super fun. But the real heroes of this event were Chef Shay MacDonald (center) and his lovely fiance Carrie (right) who ran, organized, coordinated, promoted, set up, tore down, worked the door and did  just about everything else for not only putting on an amazing event but more so for helping to raise thousands of dollars to help pet adoption. You are both an inspiration in every way.


Thank you to Shay and Carrie for letting us be a part of this fantastic event. When can we start working on 2015? Thank you to everyone at Burger Maker, especially John Jernigan for the hours and hours spent getting fresh ground beef to the restaurants and Chefs. To Joel, Chris and everyone at Holy City, you are awesome and that’s not the Beer talking. We’ve worked together on 2 events this year and not only are you the nicest darn people but your Beers are mega tasty. I’ll place a pre-order at Idle Hands Bar now for Follicle Brown when it’s ready for NYC. To all the Chefs and Restaurants who used our Ground Beef, we hoped you liked it as much as we do. Pet Helpers – you are amazing people with an amazing cause. Pets can’t advocate for themselves and I’m thankful that people like you exist who will. To all the attendees of the 3rd Annual Flag Day Burger and Beer Festival, how many times in your life will you be able to claim that you saved pet’s lives by eating Burgers and drinking Beers? I hope you had as much fun as we did. Thank you.

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The Best Burger In Every State – Rev vs. Business Insider

Business Insider posted a story about the best burgers in each of the US States. Whenever a story like this comes out, I get a ton of emails, Facebook posts, tweets, etc asking my opinion. Normally, at most, I might make one small comment in the same form it was sent to me.

But, since  so many of you have asked for my opinion on this one in particular, here it is in complete.

The Rev’s Un-Official Reply to Business Insider’s Best Burger in Every State
*If I don’t mention a state, it’s because I have not eaten burgers there … yet.


Business Insider - Tommy’s Burger Stop

Rev – I’ve not been to Tommy’s but I had a great burger at Arctic Local Roadrunner Burger Man in Anchorage and with a name that rad, how can it be bad? Later that day I took a boat tour of a glacier with heavy metal band Shadows Fall. It was an awesome day.
Arctic Roadrunner_Local_Burgerman_Burger_Conquest_Rev_vs_Business_Insider_Best_Burgers_America_Alaska_062709 010


Business InsiderIn-N-Out

Rev – I love In-N-Out but this answer is the biggest cop out that could’ve ever happened. In Los Angeles alone there are great local Burgers available at Grill ‘Em All, Father’s Office, Apple Pan & 25 Degrees. Head south and the list continues with Pie ‘n Burger, Slaters 50/50 & Hodad’s. There are so many great burgers in Cali and they picked a great but very large chain. Boo. Hiss.

But for the sake of this post, I will go with a classic that’s lasted the test of time for all the right reasons: Irv’s in West Hollywood.


Business InsiderLouis Lunch

Rev – Agree. Agree. Agree. While many people will cause an upstart about the birth place of the Burger, make no mistake, if you live in my world, we universally accept Louis Lunch as our temple. Louis Lunch Super Duper Weenie Bubbas 122209 027_Connecticut_Burger_Conquest_Rev_vs_Business_Insider_Best_Burgers_America-1


Business Insider – Illegal Food

Rev – I’ve never been to Illegal Food but this makes it sound great. You would be hard pressed however to ever get me to choose anywhere in Georgia as my favorite Burger unless it was The Vortex in Hotlanta.


Business Insider – Au Cheval

Rev – I’ve heard this place is great and I definitely want to try it. Hopefully that happens soon. Chicago, however, is another city that has a Burger that I love so much that it would take insurmountable circumstances to get me to put another before it. That Burger? Kuma’s. Freaking. Corner. in Chicago. This is where Burger goes from Food to passion and art.
Kumas_Corner_Chicago_Illinois_Black_Oak_Arkansas_Burger_Conquest_Rev_vs_Business_Insider_Best_Burgers_America_IMG_1248That being said both Edzo’s and Fatso’s Last Stand, also both in Chicago, absolutely are worth your attention.


Business Insider – Abbey Burger Bistro

Rev – I’ve not eaten a ton of Burgers in the land of Mary but I have been to the Abbey and I will agree, it was quite delicious. Abbey Burger Bistro – approved.
Abbey_Burger_Bistro_010910 009_Maryland_Baltimore_Burger_Conquest_Rev_vs_Business_Insider_Best_Burgers_America


Business Insider – The Blue Ox

Rev – I’ve not sampled enough of the 6th State’s Burgers so I won’t give a definitive pass or go on The Blue Ox but USDA Prime is not a meat to mess around with. They are definitely going for quality here. Instead I offer you an old school and a new school choice.
Old School : White Hut in West Springfield for a classically classic slider.
New School: Tasty Burger in Boston for an all Natural, Certified Humane Burger. Be sure to check out the Burger of the Day before you decide what to order.


Business InsiderLaura’s Little Burger Joint

Rev -Another one that I’ve never been to but this is my home state and I am VERY VERY passionate about all things Michigan, especially Burgers. The Great Lake State is known for perfecting 2 styles of Burgers, the pub Burger and the Slider. I am going to give you my favorite of each.
Sliders: Bates in Livonia sets the standard on Sliders for the entire known Burgerverse.
- Pub Burger: The Red Coat Tavern in Royal Oak is widely accepted by Burger fanatics in Michigan as being one of the greatest Burgers in the whole world.
Red_Coat_Tavern_Royakl_Oak_Michigan_Burger_Conquest_Rev_vs_Business_Insider_Best_Burgers_America_ 080710 006


Business Insider -The Common Man

Rev -Never been to The Common Man but if that many readers of New Hampshire Magazine voted it the best Burger in the State, I clearly need to try it. I am a little skeptical though because I prefer the taste of grain fed Beef over that of of grass fed. Me? I would take you to eat a late night Burger that dates back to the 1940’s; Portsmouth’s Gilley’s PM Lunch.


Business Insider -The Left Bank 

Rev – am about to move (back) to Jersey City, so this place is going on my “to eat,” list but again, grass fed is tough to make tastier than grain fed beef. That being said, man oh man, how do you pick a Burger in NJ that is not a Slider? Sliders, a very particular way of preparing Smash Burgers, are the best kind of Burger out there and very, very few places do them right. If you want a proper Slider you have to head to Michigan or NJ. In New Jersey, I would equally rank two places:
The White Rose System in Linden
The White Mana of Jersey City
White-Mana-Jersey-City_NJ__Burger_Conquest_Rev_vs_Business_Insider_Best_Burgers_America_ 092410 066


Business Insider -Minetta Tavern

Rev -I live and eat in New York and that is where the majority of the Burgers review on this blog are located. To pick just one is practically impossible. That being said, the Black Label Burger at Minetta Tavern is definitely in my “Top Burgers in NYC,” list.
Beyond that, when I get asked this question, I have to ask qualifiers like “what style,” “which city / neighborhood,” “price range,” etc, etc because I need some kind of qualifier to be able to pick one that suits the person asking the question. I will say this though, if you really, really, really want to have the most fun eating Burgers in NYC, attend an event during the Annual New York Burger Week.


Business Insider -Swenson’s Drive In

Rev -Ever since I read George Motz‘s Hamburger America book, which I consider to be the Bible to America’s Classic Burgers, I have wanted to eat at Swenson’s. If George endorses the Burger, it’s worth you eating. I am heading to Akron this Summer so to the people at Swenson’s – you’ve been warned. If you want one of the greatest Burger experiences around, go to Melt Bar & Grilled in Lakewood and get the Grilled Cheese Breakfast Burger. Please tell Matt Fish I said hello.
Melt_Bar_and_Grilled_Lakewood_Cleveland_Ohio_Burger_Conquest_Rev_vs_Business_Insider_Best_Burgers_America_102509 078


Business Insider -The Royal Tavern

Rev -Never been but from the sound of it, it’s somewhere I’m headed on my next trip to the Illadelph. It’s just so hard to opt for a Burger when in the City of Brotherly Love when the Cheesesteak’s at Jim’s on South Street are so darn good!
Jims_Cheesesteaks_Wit_Whiz_Onions_South_Street_Philly_Philadelphia_PA_Best_040310 041
Pennsylvania is the home to the town of Hamburg and in said town there is a Diner called “The Hamburg Diner.” One would expect this place to house either the most epic or classic Diner Burger of all times. On a Broh’d Trip (road trip for the fellas only) we uncovered the truth; they use a frozen patty that creates a semi-bland middle of the road Burger. However, if you cover it in Country Gravy and allow the excitement of saying you ate a Hamburger at the Hambur Diner in Hamburg, PA, then it’s pretty righteous. Otherwise, it’s just meta.
So what’s the best Burger in Pennsyltucky according to me? Easy – PYT in Philly.
PYT_Philly_Philadelphia_Burger_Conquest_Rev_vs_Business_Insider_Best_Burgers_America_040310 069


Business Insider -Poe’s Tavern

Rev – I’ve been to South Carolina exactly one time. I was there in Charleston 4 days and in that time I ate 4 Burgers. Three of them I was taken too by someone else. The 4th I stumbled upon by myself. It was Poe’s Tavern and I absolutely loved it. I am headed to Charleston again this weekend where I plan to eat no less than EVERY SINGLE BURGER at Chef Shay’s Flag Day Burger and Beer Festival.
All that aside, my current favorite Burger in South Carolina is the “Keep the Motor Running” Burger at Rutledge Cab Company. It’s a Burger topped with Pimento cheese, fried Bologna, farm fresh Egg and Black Pepper Gravy. Rutledge_Cab_Company_Keep_the_Motor_Running_Charleston_South_Carolina_Burger_Conquest_Rev_vs_Business_Insider_Best_Burgers_America_1


Business Insider -The Grape

Rev – The Burger at The Grape sounds really, really good but it’s not the Burger from Second Bar + Kitchen in Austin and that is not only the best Burger in Texas, it’s one of the best in the entire known Burgerverse. If you love Burgers, you owe it to yourself to eat it.


Business Insider -John Howie Steak

Rev -Go to Seattle (or Portland), rent a car and drive to Olympia, WA. Eat one Burger along with some Tots and “Goop” at Eastside Big Tom and you’ll never forget it. Follow them on social media, or friend owner Michael Fritsch, and the Burger will haunt your dreams forever (yes, that’s a nod to annual the Halloween display.) The craziest part? Mike is a veggie. Eat here and you’ll forgive him.
East_Side_Big_Toms_Olympia_WA_Burger_Conquest_Rev_vs_Business_Insider_Best_Burgers_America_082309 016


Business Insider -BGR The Burger Joint

Rev -One conversation with Mark Bucher, founder of the BGR The Burger Joint and you’ll realize not only how much he loves Burgers but his deep passion and understanding of their cultural significance. It will make you want to eat all of the Burgers at BGR. I say try the Lamb Burger.
However, there are 20+ locations of BGR stretching as far north as NY State and as far West as California so let’s talk about a Burger you should eat that is ONLY available in Washington DC, my local fave: Ben’s Chili Bowl.

There ya have it, my favorite Burgers by U.S. State. Where is yours?

You have one to suggest? Totally disagree with me? Totally agree with me? Leave a comment, drop me a line or tweet at me.



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The NYC Good Beer Passport – 30+ beers from 30+ bars & breweries for $35

The NYC Good Beer Passport

- Get one beer at 48 bars, restaurants, beer shops and breweries –
July 1 through September 1, 2014 


Price: $35
Click here to purchase

BeerMenus and Burger Conquest are working together with the Good Beer Seal to present “The NYC Good Beer Passport” in support of July Good Beer Month.

By purchasing a passport you’ll get one full craft beer or a flight of craft beers (where flights are offered) at every location participating. You can use them any day, any time from July 1st through September 1st, 2014. While you’re out enjoying the passport, remember to drink local and try beers from the New York breweries!

Your purchase of the The NYC Good Beer Passport, on behalf of the NYC Brewers Guild, will in part go to benefit the Food Bank for New York City, as well as the Heritage Radio Network, home to Beer Sessions Radio.

When purchasing a NYC Good Beer Passport, choose the location where you would like to pick up your passport. Passports are available for pick up from July 1st through August 1st, 2014.

How it Works:

  1. Buy a ticket for the location where you would like to pick up your passport.
  2. Pick up your passport at the location you chose any day from July 1st through August 1st, 2014.
  3. Bring your passport to each of the 30+ participating locations any day from July 1st through September 1st, 2014 and choose one full pour draft beer from a NYC Brewery (where available) or one (1) flight of four (4) 4 oz draft samples (where available) at each location.
  4. Please remember to tip your bartenders as gratuity is not included.

Participating Locations:

  • 508 Gastrobrewery
  • Adobe Blues
  • Alobar
  • Alphabet City Beer Company
  • Ambrose Hall
  • Banter
  • Bar Great Harry
  • Bar-Coastal NY
  • Beer Culture
  • Bronx Ale House
  • Carroll Place
  • Clinton Hall
  • Coopers Craft and Kitchen
  • Distilled
  • Draught 55
  • East Village Tavern
  • Glorietta Baldy
  • Gun Hill Brewing Co.
  • Heartland Brewery – Empire State Building
  • Houston Hall
  • Idle Hands Bar
  • Jimmy’s No. 43
  • John Brown Serious BBQ
  • Keg No. 229
  • Little Town NYC
  • Malt & Mold
  • Mel’s Burger Bar
  • Mission Dolores
  • Pacific Standard
  • Proletariat
  • Pushcart Coffee Chelsea
  • Randolph Brooklyn
  • Route 66 Smokehouse
  • St. Gambrinus Beer Shoppe
  • Singlecut Brewery
  • Sunswick 35/35
  • Taproom 307
  • The Brooklyneer
  • The Bronx Beer Hall
  • The Double Windsor
  • The Gibson
  • The Pony Bar HK
  • The Pony Bar UES
  • The Queens Kickshaw
  • The Owl Farm
  • The Vanderbilt
  • Two Door Tavern
  • Woodrow’s


View The NYC Good Beer Passport 2014 in a larger map

Here’s a list of all the locations on FourSquare. Thanks to Nic Barajas for putting it together.

Bars, breweries. beer stores & restaurants interested in participating in the passport, please reach out to Rev Ciancio before June 20th at

Fine Print

*Must be 21 years or older with valid ID
*1 passport per person
*Misplaced passports can not be replaced
*Offer is not shareable
*Flight option is where & when available

Price: $35 
Click here to purchase

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The Dark World Ajax Burger – Book and Burger Pairing

The Dark World
by Cara Lynn Shultz


My wife is amazing. As her friends will tell you, a life with Cara Lynn Shultz is filled with laughter, creativity, fun, adventure and lots and lots of cat photos. She is a born and bred true New Yorker which these days, is harder and harder to find. When Cara becomes passionate about something, get out of her way because she will commit 1000% to whatever that is including friendships, a love of Cheese and most specifically, writing.

RUB_BBQ_Burger_Conquest_Rev_Ciancio_Cara_Lynn_Shultz_ Bday_021510 029

Cara is an author and has just released her 3rd book. It’s a supernatural teen romance named The Dark Worldavailable via Harlequin Teen. The book tells the story of Paige Kelly, a teenager living in NYC who can see and talk to ghosts. If that’s not already strange enough, she’s also being chased by Demons who live in a world that mirrors ours called “The Dark World.” Turns out the young Ms. Paige is a portal between the two worlds and is now at the center of a war between the powers that be on either side. More is revealed to her by the new boy in school, Logan Bradley who just so happens to turn out to be a demonslayer. Battles, Food and romance ensues.


Here’s my full review from

Cara’s writing since her “Spellbound” series has really taken a leap forward. Her ability to develop characters and story arcs is so good that you don’t even think of it in that way until you’re done with the book. The characters are believable, lovable and with very distinct personalities that help to deliver the tale of a world that the opposite of the one we live in.

While I loved Paige and Logan and their interactions, it was really the ensemble gathered around them that helps to deliver the nuances of the story. While you may only get a few moments with the erratic goofiness of the demon Ajax, or the cutesiness of a girl stuck of the 50s living in the modern world as hormonal pre-teen ghost like Dottie, it’s these moments that make this a really fun and exciting adventure to be a part of.

The visuals that Cara’s words create are so life like and vivid that you not only can see them in your mind but you will be living the story right along side of the characters. Of course it’s not all love, swords and demons, Cara make sure there is always a good moment of clarity colored in by Paige’s snarky and quick witted humor. It’s as much Paige’s coping mechanism as it is her way into, or out of, the hearts of others.

As I plowed through the story, I found myself creating moments in my own day where I could get in another chapter or even just a few more pages. I couldn’t keep myself away it. You can bet the moment I can get my hands on the sequel, I’ll be lost in The Dark World just like Logan and Paige.

For Cara’s last book, Spellcaster, we created a burger that “paired” with the novel called the “Spellburger.” It was a Burger topped with Sauteed Mushrooms, Sauteed Onions, Lettuce, Cheddar Cheese, Ketchup and Mayo.


Seeing as how my audience is fellow Burger and Food fanatics, the only way to share with you my excitement for her new book without going off topic on this blog was to do the same for this book. So with that, I present to you The Dark Work Ajax Burger.


When you read the book, you’ll meet Ajax, a strange character that was born in The Dark World. There are two things you need to know about him: 1. He’s a demon fighting on the side of good and 2. He LOVES Junk food from The Light World. In nearly every scene he has in the book, you will find him snacking on Potato Chips, Cheese Dip, Tortillas and something they enjoy on his side called “Twiggy Snacks.” I took all this into consideration when I sat down with Idle Hands Bar Chef Dennis Hatzinger to create a Burger in honor of Ajax. So here it is:

The Dark World Ajax Burger – Burger Maker’s Signature Custom Blend of Chuck and Hangar Fresh Ground Beef, topped with Fried Bacon, a Bacon Onion Jam, White Cheddar and Ruffles Sour Cream and Onion Potato Chips. It’s served on a Buttered and Grilled Brioche Bun and served with a heaping pile of Crispy Tater Tots covered in Cheese Sauce. Here, look at it again.


Chef Dennis made it up in our kitchen at Idle Hands and we all got to have a bite. It was amazing and I truly believe that if Ajax were really living amongst us, he would LOVE this burger. Unfortunately I haven’t figured out what’s in Sunwine yet (read the book) so I haven’t been able to pair it yet appropriately. But, if we can talk Cara into having a book release party at Idle Hands Bar, we can talk Dennis into making these and I will find the most appropriate Light World version of a Sunwine.

If you buy The Dark World and enjoy it, please go post a review on


P.S. If you’re wondering where Cara likes to get a Burger in NYC, check out Molly’s Shebeen.

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Pincho Factory Burger Brunch, South Florida Burger Week

Pincho Factory
30 Giralda Ave
Coral Gables, FL 33134

- The Burger Week Goes to South Florida May 9 & 10, 2014 –


The Burger Week is a 7-day celebration of trendsetting chefs and unique burgers with a series of daily events.

Hashtag = #BurgerWeek Tweet: @BurgerConquest


One of my favorite things to do is travel and when I do it, I like to eat Burgers where ever I am. It’s a great way to connect with other Burger fanatics, try regional specialities and to turn even your business travels into a mini-Eatcation. That last one is part of the motivation in taking The Burger Week down to South Florida, which is way outside of it’s origins in New York. But, one event, the Burger Beast Burger Brawl that is, does not make a Burger “week.” However, I figured I could kick off the idea by adding another event and calling it the The First Ever South Flordia Burger Week(end.)

Upon obtaining the Burger Beast’s blessing (which went down kind of like this), I then asked if he could suggest the perfect restaurant to partner with and bring the Burger Week’s signature off-menu Burger Brunch to South Florida. Without any hesitation he suggested the Pincho Factory. They are known for really crazy specials and unique Burger builds based on different regional and ethnic Foods and I’ve been DYING to eat there. After only one very excited conversation with owner Nedal Ahmed, I knew we were in the right hands.


- $25 for an off-menu Burger Brunch Party and Beer Tasting -


May 10, 2014
Pincho Factory
30 Giralda Ave, Coral Gables, FL 33134
2:00 pm

Price: $25


  • Croquetessa: Chuck Brisket and Short Rib Croqutte Patty, Swiss Cheese, Mustard, Pickles, Mayo on a Brioche Roll
  • Little Kahuna: Charred Pineapple, Fried Onions, Mango Chili Sauce and Jack Cheese on a Burger.
  • Lamb Slider: Harissa, Goat Cheese, Tomato, Cucumber, Herbs
  • Side dish: Toston “Fries” with Lemon Aioli
  • Beer Tasting with Lagunitas

The Pincho Factory has made their name of serving unique and quality Foods, especially around their Burger menu. Ever since The Burger Beast told me about them, I’ve wanted to eat there. It was cemented once I saw the Burger Beast take George Motz there on the Miami episode of “Burger Land.” Thanks to an introduction to by Burger Beast to owner Nedal, it’s now happening.

On Saturday, May 10th, The Pincho Factory will turn over there Coral Gables location to the Burger curious of South Florida for an off-menu Burger Brunch. You’ll be treated to 4 of their speciality items that are constantly being requested; a Chuck Brisket Croquetessa, 2 different Burgers and Toston Fries. It will also come with a beer tasting, from Lagunitas. Don’t wait to get your tickets, there is only one seating and only a limited amount of Burger fanatics will get to join myself and The Burger Beast for this awesome one-time meal.

From my first conversation with Nedal, I thought this event was going to be great. When he sent me the menu, I knew it was going to be awesome. I started counting the minutes until it happened. You would think that after 9 days of eating 44 different Burgers, I would have no palette or stomach to eat more but that was not the case. I could not wait for this one.

Croquetessa: Chuck Brisket and Short Rib Croqutte Patty, Swiss Cheese, Mustard, Pickles, Mayo on a Brioche Roll.


Little Kahuna: Charred Pineapple, Fried Onions, Mango Chili Sauce and Jack Cheese on a Burger.


Lamb Slider: Harissa, Goat Cheese, Tomato, Cucumber, Herbs.


Side dish: Toston “Fries” with Lemon Aioli.


Thank you to fine Burger fanatics of South Florida for joining us. I saw a lot of smiles and happy faces. I also heard a lot of “Wow’s” and “Oh My God’s” as you were eating the Food. I agree with you, it was awesome, ESPECIALLY the Croquetessa. A big specific thank you to Shop Coral Gables for the support and the awesome #poptpof (pictures of people taking pictures of food) photo. Thank you Nedal and the entire Pincho Factory staff. THAT WAS AWESOME. Trying to fit in a weird event with items you don’t normally serve while still trying to run regular business is something most restaurants could never do. I guess they have a lot to learn from you guys. Everything ran smooth, seamless and without any issues or complaints. The Food was fantastic, the service was impeccable and the event was super fun. Let’s start planning 2015 now! Thank you to Burger Beast & Señora Beast, without you, this would not have happened. Thank you also for adding several more dishes to our meal just to make sure we got a full tasting of what the Pincho Factory can do with Food. The Dogs were great! To Doolius, a sincere pleasure to dine with you again. Thanks for joining us and of course posting drool worth photos! Thank you of course to Burger Maker and Chip Crenshaw for helping The Burger Week to now happen in a 2nd city! 

Miami_Burger_Week_End_Burger_Conquest_FL_Pincho_Factory_Burger_Brunch_Burger_Maker_051014_4992 Miami_Burger_Week_End_Burger_Conquest_FL_Pincho_Factory_Burger_Brunch_Burger_Maker_051014_5020Miami_Burger_Week_End_Burger_Conquest_FL_Pincho_Factory_Burger_Brunch_Burger_Maker_051014_5046Miami_Burger_Week_End_Burger_Conquest_FL_Pincho_Factory_Burger_Brunch_Burger_Maker_051014_5035


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