PJ Clarkes – Now With Triple the Meat

Sometimes they take a classic and make 3x taller. And they add garlic fries.

And then your life is good. PJ Clarkes

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Ranch Dressing Was Made For French Fries

Why dip your fries in ranch dressing when you can slather them with it?

Home to my favorite turkey wrap ever; Mr. Wraps – Hoboken.

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National Cheese Pizza Day – Celebrate Before Its Coffee Ice Cream Day

It’s National Cheese Pizza Day. Get after it before it’s too late!

Otherwise you’ll have to wait until tomorrow and while cheese pizza is awesome every day, tomorrow is National #CoffeeIceCream Day and that’s off brand.

Don’t be off brand. EAT CHEESE PIZZA. Suggested pie: Roberta’s Pizza Margherita with tomato, mozzarella and basil.

For more food holidays, check out The Ultimate Food Holiday Foodie Calendar and Guide.

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Eat this Pizza! Win a Gift Certificate For a Watch!

You know how I never miss pizza time, especially on #NationalCheesePizzaDay?

Help from my slick wooden @jordwatches.

Want a $100 gift code for a Jord watch? Click this link now and enter to win that gift code.

Offer expires 9/17/17 at 11:50pm

BONUS: If you don’t win the $100 gift code, you’ll still get a $25 gift code! Sign up now!

Use the money you save to eat all the bar pies Colony Grill!


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You’ve Never Seen a Waffle Fry Sandwich Like This!

You can’t put Waffle Fry Parm sandwich on a menu and not expect to want to try it!

Even if you hide this awesomeness under the “vegetarian” section of your website Thunder Bun!

Yes, you are reading that correctly.

At the new Schnipper’s concept they have a sandwich made with waffle fries topped with gooey melted cheese, roasted tomatoes, grana padana and fresh basil. It’s a Waffle Fry Parm and you need to it.

Then thank the Schnipper’s Brothers for creating this magical food moment.

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Why Is a Pastrami Sandwich On a Dating App?

Pastrami called. It misses you. Why did you ghost?

I know that last time you hung out it got real heavy. Pastrami is not looking for anything serious.

Heck, its way too awesome to have a commitment. It just wants you to see you for a quick lunch once in awhile.

So hop back on that dieting app @Seamless and ask pastrami for a date at Ben’s Kosher Deli.

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Is This The Best Pizza In Point Pleasant NJ?

Googled “best pizza Jenkinson’s.” Joey Tomato came up in the top spot.

I figured it would be the same frozen schlock, reheated and mass produced to quickly appease tourists and maximize profit. I mean, that’s how food on Jersey shore boardwalks work, amiright?

Glad to say that’s definitely NOT the case with Mr. Tomatoes. In fact, is rank his Pizza top 10 I’ve ever had in NJ!

This is a chorizo slice with red onions and cherry peppers. It was my 2nd fave of 5 SLICES I ate. First place goes to the tomato pie but the picture didn’t look as good.

In the words of my pals @yougottaeatthis#YouGottaEatThis. And the go get the tomatoes scared out of you by clowns at the funhouse.

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The Greatest Moment in Vegetable History: FRENCH FRIES

And on the 5th day, we pay respect to the greatest moment in vegetable history: FRENCH FRIES.

People think of french fries as a side item. How would you feel if that’s how your best friend, boss, colleague, client or other associate introduced you?

Fries are not an add-on. Crispy taters are not riding shotgun.

French fried potatoes, in all forms, are an award. They validate the existence of other food items in your plate. Often times, they can even save a meal already in despair. “Well that Burger sucked, but at least the Fries were good.” It’s happened to you, don’t lie.

So on this #FryDay and every Friday, I urge you salute the mighty fry by choosing to dine at a restaurant that knows the value of a good french fry.

Here’s a recommendation in NYC: The Breslin. They with one of the best lamb Burgers you’ll ever eat.

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Thanks Pizzeria Sirenetta For My New Career as a Pasta Model

Look at the steam coming off this!!!

It’s spaghettini with san marzano tomato sauce, basil, parmigiano reggiano from Pizzeria Sirenetta. You’re gonna wanna eat this when you go there along with one of their pizzas.

Don’t skip the apps! Their appetizer list is longer than their pizza and pasta list combined. That’s how you know they put as much effort on that part of the menu as they do the mains.

Clockwise from upper left:

  • Seared lamb tenderloin, marinated cucumbers, mint, fava bean purée
  • Tuna crudo, pesto trapanese, sea beans, Calabrian chili
  • Buffalo mozzarella, tomato conserva, basil
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Arby’s – Now Made Better With Bourbon

The following is a complete list of things made more awesome by bourbon: EVERYTHING.

Let’s try a test. Which of the following would you rather have:

A. ​13 hour smoked brisket topped with brown sugar, black pepper bacon, cheddar and crispy onions.


B. ​13 hour smoked brisket topped with brown sugar, black pepper bacon, cheddar and crispy onions and barrel-aged Kentucky bourbon in the barbecue sauce.

The choice is obvious right? You want B. So now that you understand, get to Arby’s and eat their 3 Bourbon BBQ sandwiches before they’re gone (end of September.)

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