BLT Burger – Separation of Church and Steak

BLT Burger
470 6th Ave
New York, NY 10011

Chef Laurent Tourondel prays to a meat god. He likes meat so much that he has 11 meat oriented restaurants under the “BLT” moniker in 8 different cities (at the time this was written). In fact, he loves meat so much that even though the main dish at BLT Burger is self in it’s namesake, you can choose from 5 different meat varieties and 2 vegetarian options as well. But it doesn’t end there. The menu includes fries, rings, starters, salads, a wide variety of beers and many a shake selection including spiked options! So settle yourself into the South-Western vibe, complete with a stuffed bull’s head and choose a combo.

As a first timer, the waiter suggested I go with the classic “BLT,” 7 ounces of certified Angus beef, double wood smoked bacon, lettuce and their signature burger sauce. Add a slice of American, along with some waffle fries (my fave!) and Shlitz and I was ready eat. The sesame seed bun had a nice subtle sweet flavor and held up through the burger. The sauce had a nice tangy zest to it and the cheese was just right. At 7oz, it’s just about the perfect size. More than 8 and you are risking the ability to cook it right, fit in on a bun and score a beef touch down. The burger had a nice taste and was sufficiently greasy.

BLT Burger didn’t live up to my amazing experience at it’s bigger brother BLT Prime, but it like the Alamo, it won’t soon be forgotten.

7 out of 10 ounces

P.S. Quick note of apology, I forgot my regular camera and had to rely on my blackburgery.

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