Bobby Vans Grill – Don’t Mind Me While I Eat

Bobby Vans Grill
135 W 50th St
New York, NY 10020

After ordering my 3rd glass of wine while out with my wife Cara and some friends, I knew that if I wanted to eat dinner, I should stop fighting the urge and just order the Bobby Vans Burger and enjoy. This particular Bobby Vans location is run by the same 4 fellas that have been awarded the Tom Horan’s Top Ten Steak House Award for 3 years.

This wasn’t the first Bobby Vans burger I have ever had, so I knew what to expect…or I thought I did. The first thing I did was put place the onion straws on the burger. Then I noticed the sesame seed bun, which was different from the last time I had gone down this path. The burger was big, delicious, juicy and although a little over cooked, it was packed with great taste. The cheddar cheese was a perfect pairing for the meet and onion straws. Normally I would pair up a burger with some beer but as I was already down the wine path, I stuck with it. It worked really well and I may revisit the combo in the future. As I sat by myself in beef ecstasy, my friends laughed and pointed. “Check out Rev in all his glory!”

7 out of 10 ounces

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