Famoore’s Family Restaurant – Grandma’s Conquest

Famoore’s Family Restaurant
18 E. 1st St
Oil City, PA 16301

Oil City is historically significant for 2 things, A. it was one of the first places where Oil was discovered in America and became one of the original headquarters for Penzoil, Quaker State and Wolf’s Oil and B. it’s home town to my Grandma and birthplace of my father. Which in some sort of 5 degrees of Kevin Bacon type of way, Oil City is linked to the beginnings of Burger Conquest!

I was paying a visit to Grandma Dot when she asked, in her best Penn-accent, “you want to go out for a hamburg?” While driving around downtown, a local, “Dealin’ Dave” suggested we hit Famoore’s Family Restaurant. Dot then informed me, that is where she goes to eat after church on Sunday.

Famoore’s is an old school, small town luncheonette located in the small heart of Oil City. Open primarily for breakfast and lunch, Famoore’s is a very popular spot on the weekends. Topping out the burger section is the Famoore’s Famous. A burger served on a white bun with swiss, bacon, lettuce, onion and tomatoes. State and county regulations prevent ordering beef anyway but medium well to well done so my wishes of medium-rare were not possible. Grand Ma ordered a regular burger with only “cat-sup.” When the server asked if she wanted fries, Dot simply replied “Nope. I’ll just eat his.”

A few moments later, our food arrived and without hesitation, my Grandma snagged off a couple of my curly fries. As I started to snap off pictures of our burgers Grandma asked me “what are you doing? Can’t you just eat your burger?” After an attempt to explain Burger Conquest to my 89 year old Grandmother, I gave up and started to eat. The burger was ok. Nothing really special. The bacon was good but the burger was dry, over cooked and didn’t have that fresh, juicy, salty flavor that makes a the right burger so great. But it was nice to have a burger with Dot and enjoy a little chat since I don’t get to see her that often.

As we walked back to the car, Grandma leaned over to me and just under her breath proclaimed “that wasn’t too good was it? Not juicy enough and I’ve had better.” Good to know the the old burger doesn’t fall far from the griddle!

5 out of 10 ounces

Famoores_Family_restaurant_Oil_City_Pennsylvania_Burger_conquest_rev_ciancio_092509 007Famoores_Family_restaurant_Oil_City_Pennsylvania_Burger_conquest_rev_ciancio_092509 008Famoores_Family_restaurant_Oil_City_Pennsylvania_Burger_conquest_rev_ciancio_092509 011Famoores_Family_restaurant_Oil_City_Pennsylvania_Burger_conquest_rev_ciancio_092509 013
Famoores_Family_restaurant_Oil_City_Pennsylvania_Burger_conquest_rev_ciancio_092509 0012Famoores_Family_restaurant_Oil_City_Pennsylvania_Burger_conquest_rev_ciancio_ 092509 017

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