Zombie Burger Attack – Assualt With A Deadly Condiment

For the most part, Burger Conquest is about, well as the site says, “The Glorious Pursuit of Delicious Burgers,” but sometimes we find things worth sharing. I love horror movies and spent a serious amount of my teenage years watching volumes and volumes of them. This has stuck with me ever since and still enjoy a good fright flick. I also, as you know, love burgers but but rarely do the 2 meet…UNTIL NOW!!

El ataque de las Zombiehamburguesas
(Zombie Burger Attack
in English) – a short film created by the students at the University of Buenos Aires. It’s all in Spanish but you don’t need to speak the language to get the story.

I’ve experience food coma but never like this!! Since I believe in MFZAR (Mother F@#kin Zombies Are Real), I am glad to say I now know how to beat them should this actually go down. Will someone please ask Max Brooks to add this on the next appendage to the Zombie Survival Guide?

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  1. Avatar Florencia says:

    I really enjoyed this movie, and thank's God is just a movie, caus I love hamburguers! Congratulations for the Argentinian Studients who used their imagintion and knowledge to make this entertained movie!

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