Allentown Brew Works – After the Beerial

Allentown Brew Works
812 West Hamilton Street
Allentown, PA 18101

On this lovely winter Sunday, Adam and I were headed out to Allentown, PA to meet with the Sumerian Recording artists, After The Burial. They are looking for new artist management and Adam and are very keen for the job. While options for good dining in Allentown are rather sparse, especially on a Sunday afternoon, we did find the shining beacon known as the Allentown Brew Works.

The Brew works is a gastro-pub, located in the heart of downtown. Thankfully for us, it’s conveniently only a few blocks from the Crocodile Rock Cafe, where the band was to perform. They serve a selection of hand-crafted beers made right there in the restaurant (be sure to check the seasonal menus) as well as a selection of beers from around the world.. You can sip down your suds at the bar, table or in the bier garden. The Brew Works also has a large and diverse dining menu with a focus on locally grown foods including (but not limited to) Mrs. T’s Pierogies. Many of the restaurants dishes are prepared as “Beer Enhanced Dishes.” It’s a pretty unique place and amongst all of it, they feature a burger menu with a wide array of preparations and toppings.

While sipping on some of the pubs micro-brew concoctions, we started off with an order of “Nana’s pierogies” as some of the guys had never tried them before. The fried ones with Cajun seasoning were good but the ones sauteed with butter and onions were amazing. Not a single soldier was left on the field as the band members fought over who would devour the last one.

The burgers at the Brew Works are made with “all-natural, , sustainably farmed beef whenever possible,” and guaranteed fresh. All burgers are served on a fresh Kaiser roll with garnish and your choice of beer-battered fries or coleslaw. With too many choices in front of me, I asked the server for an appropriate suggestion for a first timer. I went with their most popular burger, “The Bayou; Cajun seasonings with pepper jack cheese, Porter infused BBQ sauce and frizzled onions.” Mostly because I wanted to make sure I tried a “Beer Enhanced Dish.”

The Cajun spices and BBQ sauce had some real kick and flavor which I thoroughly enjoyed. They would certainly be great on a boneless chicken or perhaps ribs. The cheese added a little bite as well with the red onions and lettuce provide cooling balance. The burger was thick, juicy and cooked to a temperature higher then my request for medium-rare. The beef was certainly fresh and had a decent flavor. I can’t imagine finding a better burger in Allentown than this. I think next time though, I would go with something a little more traditional. Real quality beef doesn’t need fancy, fun-time, toppings and garnishes to be good.

7 out of 10 ounces
-Rev Ciancio

With all of that, I offer you this lyrical parody sung to the tune of “Allentown,” by Billy Joel followed by some live video of the band at the show.

Well we’re driving out to Allentown
To meet with After The Burial to Bro-Down
Out in Bethlehem we killed some time
Deciding on snacks
In the Wawa Sandwich line.

Performing at the Crocodile Rock with Emmure
Next Weekend’s the cast of the “Jersey Shore”
Asked the band to join us for lunch
Looking like a bunch of lurks
Right Down the Street
At the Allentown Brew Works

So the lot of us headed on down
And we started getting very hungrrryyyyyyyyyy
aaaaaaah aaahhhhh ooooooooh ooooooh ohhhhhhh

Well we’re getting food here Allentown
For the pierogies and burgers that we found
For the promises we as managers made
If band worked hard
If the band behaved.

So the concert goers bounce off the walls
But they never really get hurt at all
The band brought the shred, thunder and steel
Riffs and rhythms,
Keeping it real.

And we’re moshing here in Allentown.
And the bouncers are saving kids who fell on the ground
And the metal fans applaued awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah aaaaaaaaaaah aaaaaah.

Every band had a pretty good shot
But After the Burial nailed in on the dot
For management, we hope they pick Rev & Mott
Cuz something happened on while we are that place
They their monster show shredded our face, oh oh oh.



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