Reader Mail and an Unsolved Burger Mystery

We received this letter in the Burger Conquest Beef Touchdown Box unfortunately the author was unable to recall the name of said West London Pub. I am told it’s near Starbucks in Convent Gardens, London, UK. If anyone has a clue as to where to find this burger of international of mystery, please let us know.

Thank you


Dear Rev

Let me tell you about a burger that could bring the world closer together.

I always have heard the food in England is terrible…the more I go there…the more I disagree with that statement.

Case in point…the wonderful…incredible…Big Ben Burger…served in a wonderful pub in the west end of london…the name escapes me but I promise to send it to you next time.

This wonderful burger is served with bacon and a fried egg…what a concept!

Enjoy it with chips and an ice cold Stella and try to get one before 11:30 am


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  1. This looks like a great and hearty meal.

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