Carl’s Jr. Jr – Notching The Belt

Carl’s Jr. Jr.
6750 Sunset Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90028

A long time ago, in a Burger Galaxy far, far away, Carl’s Jr. suggested we try their original Six Dollar Burger. Having been raised right and knowing when to do as I am told, I went to a Carl’s Jr. Jr. in Hollywood, CA and had myself a Six Dollar Burger. Click the link for the review but to tell the whole truth, what Carl’s Jr. actually tweeted was “If you’ve never had a Carl’s Jr. burger, try the Western Bacon Cheeseburger, a classic; also the original Six Dollar Burger.” While I do have a “get it done” type of personality, on that particular visit, I could not eat all of them at once. Hence…my return.

Real bacon is delicious. “Preach on, preach on Rev,” you say and so long as the bacon is real, we can all be satisfied. Carl’s Jr does indeed use 2 full strips of real bacon to top their Western Bacon Cheeseburger along with American cheese, BBQ sauce and onion rings. It’s all nestled between a large sesame seed bun. The beef itself is your standard frozen, fast-food patty. While I chose the original (as per instructions), they do offer a Six Dollar Burger version of the sandwich, which is made from 100% Angus beef. The rich flavors in the toppings vastly overpowered the burger and as for a late night, post bar cure for the munchies, it was great. Could you get a better burger in LA, yeah you definitely can. However when it’s midnight and needs to be walking distance from my hotel, probably not.

6 out of 10 ounces

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