The New Burger Conquest – Turning Over a New Leaf

On Friday, October 16th, 2008 – 5 friends went out for a burger at Arthur’s Steakhouse in Hoboken, NJ. On that day, Burger Conquest was born. 531 days later and I have eaten and written about 188 burgers on this site. For those of you doing the math, that’s 1 burger just about every 3 days. I’ve eaten them in 5 different countries, all around the US including Alaska! I’ve had them for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I’ve eaten them in meetings, with friends, with my family, with bands, with the Burger elite and for birthdays. Burgers have been consumed in restaurants, at home, in cars, on bicycles, in backyards, on planes, in cable cars, in RVs, in baseball stadiums, at my own wedding and even in the hospital. Ive had them grilled, fried, steamed, frozen and raw. They’ve been eaten with pirates, with Bats, Turtles, Iguanas and even murderers! I’ve contributed to travel blogs, metal blogs, alternative music magazines, food sites, food labs, foodie blogs, and even joke blogs about sports celebrities. I’ve even been asked by a celebrity chef to make them a burger and I have even eaten them for TV.

For something that literally started as a fun joke to have with my friends, it’s gone further than I’ve gotten more BURGER FAMOUS than I could have ever imagined!

With such massive consumption of beef, cheese and bacon, I am putting myself at serious risk. Not to mention the french fries, onion rings, tater tots, tacos, beer and liquor that have accompanied them. I’ve had a great time and although I have been able to stay in good shape through exercise and control, I think it’s time for a change.

You see, I don’t want to become like the Marlboro Man or Spuds McKenzie and promote unhealthy choices without a thought for consequence. I want to contribute to society and help to make this world we live in a place we can enjoy for ourselves and also promote better living as our legacy. So with that, I flip the electronic page and, literally. turn over a new leaf.

Enjoy the new face of Burger Conquest…
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