Burger Conquest IS THE News

Yesterday on my way to work, I just happened to pass by what turned out to be a Collegehumor.com April Fool’s Day Prank. They hired actors to dress up as In-N-Out Burger employees, had them stand in front of signs and hand out fliers announcing the NYC arrival of the west coast burger chain. Being the savvy blogger that I am (read – “media ham”) I stopped, took a photo and updated the Burger Conquest twitter with the picture.

The post got re-tweeted by my favorite food site on the web, A Hamburger Today. They also posted a story on the hoax with my photo. The timing couldn’t be better as this happened on the day that I played my Salad Conquest April Fool’s Joke. I sat back and laughed about the whole thing. The fact that the site has readers and people enjoy it, is really special and I am grateful, but it’s all just for fun. You see, I love writing this site and I love eating burgers but it’s nothing I take seriously. So when I get a message from NY1, the 24 Hour all New York news channel, asking for permissions to use my photos in their 11 pm newscast, I erupted with joy filled laughter. I without a doubt said yes, ran home and set my DVR to tape it.

Sure enough, there I was, alongside of THE most loyal Burger Conquester, Jackie, on the 11 pm NY1 newscast with the Burger Conquest URL clearly emblazoned across the screen!!!!

Watching NY1 is a New Yorker’s right and unless you live here, it’s impossible to understand how cool it is to be put on their channel. While it wasn’t the first time I made the news, it was definitely better than the last time. While being interviewed about helmet safety laws, I accidentally crashed a moped for a news report.

Yup, that’s a younger, dumber, accident prone version of me, complete with mullet and an inability to ride a simple scooter down the street. Since then, I got a haircut, bought a clue, moved to New York, started a burger blog and most importantly, got rid of the moped. Look at me now, I’m burger famous!

Jokes aside (which is a rare moment for me), I want to thank each and every person that has ever read a single word I have written, looked any picture of burgers I have ever taken or sat through a meal with me taking photo after photo. It’s an honor and a privilege to be able to do this and I want everyone to know how much I appreciate the support. With that in mind, if you need me, my email is at the bottom of the site. No autographs please. See you in the “Burger Zone.”

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