The Best Hamburger Ever According to Taking Back Sunday

Back in March of this year, Long Island rock band Taking Back Sunday announced that after years of separation with original members John Nolan and Shaun Cooper, they were going to reunite. For the punk / emo world, this was big Big BIG news. As part of their reunion, the guys planned a 6 date US tour to kick the rust off their gear.

As part of the tour, the band offered a limited amount of fans the ability to purchase an enhanced ticket that not only got them a ticket to these very small concerts, but also a signed set list from the show and access to a pre-show meet and greet, fan-only press conference. While there, the fans were allowed to ask any question they wanted, no holds barred. These types of events are normally held for the press but the guys in Taking Back Sunday wanted to let their nearest and dearest fans have first crack.

So, what does this have to do with burgers!?!?!?

As part of my “day job” at Artist Arena, we provide these types of ticketing services to bands and fans. I was able to oversee the and help facilitate the enhanced tickets and awesome fan experience. With the tour playing Irving Plaza, which is mere blocks from my office, I was able to attend today’s fan-only press conference.

I thought long and hard about what to ask the band and in the end went with “Where’s the best hamburger you’ve ever had?” With no hesitation at all, Eddie from the band answered “Dumont” of course referring to Dumont of Brooklyn, NY. (Click to read my review.)

Mark, the band’s drummer, a noted veggie, had a different answer. Here is video of the whole conversation.

There you have it! If you ever wanted to know where rock bands go to get their burgers, now you know!

Thanks to TBS and Jillian for letting us be a part of this and thanks even more to all of the band’s fans for making this event really fun. In return, I grant you burger fame. CONGRATS!

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