Freddy Sez – The True Spirit of the Fans

You could hear it coming from 10 sections away. It was that familiar noise that every Yankee fans recognizes. To you it would sound like a spoon hitting a frying pan but to me, and the rest of my fellow Yankee fans, all we heard was the spirit of what it means to be a baseball fan.

Yesterday the world suffered a loss of a man that made us all love the sport of baseball and moreover rally behind the greatest baseball team in the land, the New York Yankees. Freddy “Sez” Schuman, born in The Bronx in 1925, sadly, passed away from a heart attack. To be a Yankee’s fan is to be a Freddy fan. The only thing he wanted to bring to the people was his love and support for a team whose old stadium, was the same age as him.

Freddy Sez on Burger Conquest from Yankees opening day 2010.

A Yankee game will never be the same without him and I know from time to time, the sound of his rally clang will be carried faintly in the halls of Yankee Stadium. From everyone at Burger Conquest, we all say thank you to Freddy Sez for reminding us that there is no better cure for your ailments than a Yankee’s World Series Victory.

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