The Grill ‘Em All Truck, fresh off their victory in Food Network’s GREAT FOOD TRUCK RACE is doing a “Victory Lap” to thank New York City!

The Grill ‘Em All Truck, fresh off their victory in Food Network’s GREAT FOOD TRUCK RACE is doing a “Victory Lap” to thank New York City!

LA’s favorite mobile burger makers, Chef Ryan and Matt from The Grill ‘Em All Truck, are coming back to N.Y.C. – with a vengeance! Armed with their famous burgers, and new N.Y.C. exclusives, this is set to be one of the hottest food events all year. From October 21st to Sunday October 24, Grill ‘Em All will be taking the city by storm!

At each location, Grill ‘Em All will be offering a limited number of burgers, and a changing menu. Be sure to get to each location before they run out! In addition, they will be selling their official Grill ‘Em All merchandise – so you can eat in style.

All burgers will be made using an exclusive blend from Burger Maker Inc (, the same company who provided the patties for the victory winning services in N.Y.C. on “The Great Food Truck Race.”

On Thursday October 21, the guys will be hosting a release party for their new “Mosh Pitt” BBQ sauce in conjunction with ‘s Mosh Potatoes; “The Rock and Roll Cook Book” ( release party, at Idle Hands Bar (25 Avenue B, Downstairs) from 5-7 PM (

On Friday, October 22nd, Matt and Ryan from Grill ‘Em All will be hosting a special late night service at Idle Hands Bar / Billy Hurricane’s (25 Avenue B) from 11 PM – 1 AM ( where they will debut 2 new food items being made only for the N.Y.C. “Victory Lap” only”. They are taking their famous “Behemoth” burger and making a cocktail meatballs version in addition to truffle tater tots! Taking place at the same time, will the debut screening of “Madness in Manila” a new live DVD from Grammy nominated metal band Shadows Fall ( due out on October 25th


Thursday, October 21

Duke’s (99 East 19th Street)

Hannah Montana, Blue Cheer, Waste ‘Em All & truffle fries
*Limited to 100 burgers
Reservations can be made at (

Friday October 22

Duke’s (560 Third Avenue)
Hannah Montana, Blue Cheer, Waste ‘Em All & truffle fries
*Limited to 150 burgers
Reservations can be made at (

Big Daddy’s (1596 2nd Ave at 83rd Street)
Hannah Montana, Blue Cheer, Behemoth & truffle fries
*Limited to 200 burgers
Reservations can be made at (

Idle Hands Bar/ Billy Hurricane’s (25 Avenue B, downstairs)

: Hannah Montana, Behemoth Meatballs & Truffle Tots
*Limited to 50 burgers

Saturday October 23

Rub BBQ (208 West 23rd Street)
Hannah Montana, Blue Cheer, Behemoth & Truffle Fries
*Limited to 150 burgers

Thunder Jackson’s (169 Bleecker Street)
Hannah Montana, Blue Cheer, Molly Hatchet & Truffle Fries
*Limited to 200 burgers

Sunday October 24

Whisk (231 Bedford Avenue, Williamsburg, Brooklyn)
Cooking Demo and “Meet and Eat.” Learn how to make the signature Grill ‘Em All Beer soaked onions and the FAMED Grill ‘Em All seared fennel sausage gravy served with pierogies

Traffic (986 2nd Avenue between 52nd and 53rd)
5 pm – 7 pm
Hannah Montana, Blue Cheer, Witte & Truffle fries
*Limited to 200 burgers
Specials: NFL package on all 23 TVs & $12 Pitchers & $18 Bucket of Beers (5)


Heavy Metal and cult culture fill your head with so many visions and ideas. They make your soul glow with the unholy light and create the sensations to the senses. But still they leave your stomach empty and sad. Take heed heshers: Grill ‘Em All is here to fill the void that music and mayhem cannot. Enter the realm of the burger.

Grill ‘Em All is steadfast in the belief that the heavy metal and culinary worlds were bound to collide one day in a victorious marriage of massive meat and riffage. Where better for this battle to commence than the city of fallen angels? Los Angeles, your cries in the night have been answered. Cry no more!

Grill ‘Em All is led into battle by the team of chef Ryan Harkins and Matthew Chernus. The two have been allies and band mates for over twenty years. Ryan has paid his dues as a veteran of professional kitchens for over a decade strong, having worked in Chicago, Los Angeles, St. Louis and Cleveland, Ohio. The combination of his fine dining background and strong Midwestern roots has left him a desire to place a gourmet take on his first love, the hamburger. Dare to stop him! Matthew also beckoned as the future of America is an ex professional wrestler and he owns a megaphone. Need I say more on his behalf? I dare not in fear of being Liger Bombed through a barbed wire board with black windows and broken forties of King Cobra beneath.

Together they are ready to turn the key, they are ready to hit the streets, and they are ready to… GRILL ‘EM ALL!



MOLLY HATCHET – seared fennel smoked sausage gravy, applewood smoked bacon, maple drizzle

WASTE ‘EM ALL – marinated green chilies, pepper jack, beer soaked onions

BEHEMOTH – grilled cheese buns, smoked cheddar, applewood smoked bacon, beer soaked onions

BLUE CHEER – cranberry gastrique, maytag blue spread, munchos potato chips

WITTE – California cream cheese, deep fried bacon, beer & sriracha soaked onions & garlic aioli

HANNAH MONTANA – American cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickle, ketchup


Double Dipped Frites – with truffle oil

Grill ‘Em All Behemoth Balls – served in the Grill ‘Em All signature “Mosh Pitt BBQ” sauce with onions, cheddar and bacon. (These have never been served before and will be launched during the “Victory Lap.”)

The Grill ‘Em All Truck N.Y.C. “Victory Lap” is being presented and run by Rev. Ciancio from with assistance from Burger Maker and Whisk.

Chef Ryan and Matt are available for interviews over the phone and in person. Please contact to schedule and for all inquiries.

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  1. Lou says:

    Hey Guys:

    How about a pit stop in the Chicago area? Would love to sample your cuisine.

    Great win in the Food Truck Race! Was pullin' for ya's.


  2. weezer says:

    Way to go, Ryan!!! We watched and were pulling for you. We're very proud of you and want to try some of your stuff if you ever wander through Cincy. Your stuff sounds amazing.
    'Course, we already know what a great chef your are from our amazing dinner at Lisa and Travis's.

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