Eisenberg’s Sandwich Shop – Counter Test Casting

Eisenberg’s Sandwich Shop

174 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY 10010

My buddy Noah makes TV shows with his company, No Regrets Entertainment. Some of which, like “MTV Hired,” I am sure you are familiar with. Noah approached me about making a Burger Conquest TV show and why the hell would I say no?


That would be the ultimate in getting Burger Famous! I mean let’s be honest, everyone loves burgers and I am an engaging, witty and slightly (undersell) crazy character and would make for a great non-scripted TV show host. Thankfully, I am, clearly, very humble. Noah wanted to chat about making a show and suggested we talk over breakfast at Eisenberg’s Sandwich Shop.

In a city like New York, there’s a new business opening every 3 minutes (based on a true statistic that I made up for the sake of this story) and many of them will never succeed as business. So when you find a restaurant that has been open for decades it’s pretty safe to assume it’s due to quality and originality. Such is the case at Eisenberg’s Sandwich Shoppe, which has been open since 1929. It’s a classic lunch counter that helped make and keep NYC an on-the-go city. This once popular formerly popular style of eatery could be found all over the city, promising a wide array of simple food items, made with quality and served at an affordable price. There all but gone in the city which is one reason why Eisenber’s 5th Avenue located restaurant is a worthwhile trip down memory lane.

While there’s tables along the wall and in the back, the real experience is a seat at the long counter where workers play double duty of taking orders and cooking or server. Start yourself with a cup of coffee to sip on while you look over the folded pamphlet style menu. Everything is made short order and with a taste for ease. You won’t find a duck confit fritter anywhere on the menu but if you’re yearning for a classic egg cream and a tuna sandwich, Eisenberg’s is your jam.

Eisenberg’s is rich with history and is known as a celebrity stop in spot. There’s pictures all over the walls of famous folks getting their lunch on at the long counter that sits along opposite a long prep wall with mirrors and wood fixture probably older than most patrons of the restaurant. Curious to see if you’re face daytime TV star has had a pastrami and rye here? just go to their website where they have celebrity sightings and news postings happening at the counter.

Noah sat me down over breakfast to talk about making TV shows that further exploited my burger eating exploits. As I perused the menu, Noah placed an order for a bacon, egg and cheese sandwich. When the server asked for my order, I knew it was time to unleash my super powers. How to make a breakfast meeting about a Burger Conquest TV show into a Burger Conquest? Order a bacon, egg and cheese … on top of a burger!! Based on the surprise reaction I received and the employee’s exclamation to his co-workers, I might’ve been the first person ever to do this.

In a matter of moments a heaping plate filled with a full serving of breakfast and also a burger was in front of me. For a counter breakfast, you can’ expect some nice fluffy “scrams” (as my Mom calls the specific preparation of eggs) along side of well done bacon. It should be noted, if you like crispy bacon, this is your spot. Most certainly a nicely done NY counter breakfast. As for the burger, pretty dece. It’s juicy and fresh and about as good of quality as you can expect from a place like this. Gourmet it is not, but if that is what you were looking for, you probably should be across the street at the Shake Shack.

If you want fast, classic, affordable diner type food without any fuss while enjoying a classic New York dining experience that nicely compliments a conversation, git your ass to Eisenberg’s.

7 out of 10 ounces

307 Burgers

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