Royale – The Glorious Pursuit of Burger Fame

157 Avenue C
New York, NY 10009

There’s a lot of great burgers out there and a lot of great people talking about them. One such crew are Brett and Kyle from Burger Bedlam. These guys are out on their own Glorious Pursuit of Delicious Burgers with a mission to find the Best Burgers in NYC. While we have yet to formally have a burger together (WTF GUYS!??!) their journey is one worth watching. In fact, you can now watch it on TV!

The Discovery Channel recently launched a new TV show called “Blais Off.” Top Chef and Host Richard Blais travels the county, attempting to recreate some of the greatest culinary offerings by using his grasp of the scientific universe. The 2nd episode of the series was filmed at the East Village Burger haven known as Royale and features the Burger Bedlammers. Check out this show preview. That’s Kyle in the gray shirt hanging with Richard in the kitchen.

To celebrate the airing of the episode, Burger Bedlam hosted a viewing party right where it was filmed, Royale. It’s only a couple short blocks from my bar, Idle Hands, which made a pop into their party even easier.

Royale makes a great burger and it just wouldn’t be right if I attended the party and didn’t have one. It’s nice to know that even in a drunken, celebratory haze, my inner-burger pilot still knows when to get a burger. You see, I don’t remember eating the burger I had this night at Royale. In fact, it’s possible I ordered it and didn’t eat it. How do I know this? Because I found the following picture on my iPhone the next morning. I also think I forgot to pay and since I am A. admitting that publicly and B. an owner of a fellow business to Royale, I am offering the following;

The first person to answer the following question correctly by commenting with their answer on the blog post will win a FREE BURGER AND A BEER for you and a friend, with me, at Royale. It’s my treat and let’s make sure Royale charges me for the forgotten burger.

Which band have I taken out to eat at Royale in the past?

If you’re curious for my actual review on the delicious burgers at Royale, click here.

No rating available because I don’t remember eating it!

312 Burgers

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  1. Avatar Brooklynauts says:

    Upon A Burning Body

    (i don't need to answer in the form of a question, right?)

  2. @Brooklynauts – you win! Need your email address

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