You’ve Never Had Chinese Food This Good – Little Tong Noodle Shop

Top 5 restaurant meals I’ve ever had in NYC: Little Tong Noodle Shop!

Keep in mind, I’ve lived here since 1996 and I certainly have eaten my fair share meals at restaurants.

Chef Simone Tong’s Yunnan-Inspired Rice Noodle Shop in the East Village is a small but friendly restaurant offering an unbelievable menu of tasty items. Sure, you’ve had duck, tartare, noodles and wontons in the past, so have I, but not like this.

Dry Aged Duck Breast

Pork Chao Shou – Hometown Style Wonton

Mala Dan Dan Mixian – Ground Pork, Ya Cai, Pickled Celery and Mustard Seeds, Green Peppercorn Oil, Spicy Peanuts

Beef Tartare

House Pickles

Ghost Chicken

Be sure to arrive hungry, order everything above. Say hi to Chef Simone and enjoy.

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