Need Help With Marketing?

Need help with marketing and social media for your restaurant?

Are your ratings causing you to lose business?

Is your location data so bad that people literally can’t search for your business online while standing in front of your door?

Need branding advice for your business?

Need advice on a Burger, menu or craft beer program?

Wish you could do this with your Instagram account?

I’ve worked in the marketing business and owned marketing agencies for almost 2 decades.

I am a marketing consultant for bars & restaurants who specializes in location data, ratings / review management, social & general marketing strategy.

I’m an expert Burger taster, beer sommelier and former bar / restaurant owner. I’ve eaten thousands of Burgers in my life and tasted hundreds of craft beers.

I can help you.

Email me:

– Rev

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  1. Maria says:


    My name is Maria, I am the Operations Assistant for The House of Brews on 51st Street, and our chef Guy Cerina has created a delicious Salmon Burger for Burger Week this year! Please let me know if you would like me to send you a picture and a description. If you mention us in a post we will absolutely tag you on all our social media pages.

    Thank you!


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