July 27th – Wing-Off 5! / Dan’s birthday

It was Dan’s birthday so we decided to have one of his favorite events – a Wing-Off! With undefeated champs Scruffy Duffy’s closed for re-modeling, we default to their sister location, Lansdowne Road vs. new challenger Croxley Ale House. Even with a very strong challenger, it was unanimous vote, Lansdowne Hands down! The Scruff legacy continues its dynasty. Then out of no where, a 3rd challenger stepped to the wing errr I mean ring! The newly opened 123 BurgerShotBeer with their 123 Hot wings. The $2 orange tic-tac shots were cute but this place could not hold a candle to Lansdowne.

BUT WAIT! That’s not all! Afterwards we retired to Patrick’s backyard where I grilled Chef Boyardee Ravioli! Covered in an Utz potato chip crumble, these were to die for. Followed by some pool at Mean Fiddler, the day was a true treat, at least that is what I am telling my insides to calm them down.


The big announcement! WING-OFF 6 to be held on October 5th, 2008!
WHO WILL LANSDOWNE TAKE ON NEXT? Submit your suggestions to me but be sure to save the date.

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