Henri – order your burger by the oooonce – oooonce – oooonce

Jorge Luis Borges 2095
Buenos Aires, Argentina

On the first night of my honeymoon in Buenos Aires, Argentina, you can imagine my excitement when I found a burger restaurant only 2 blocks from our apartment. Burger Conquest is a calling and this only further proves it! Henri “Lomitos – Hamburgesas” which means “steak sandwiches and hamburgers” in trendy Palermo Soho is a corner cafe that specializes in lunch and late night sandwiches.

My wife, our friend Jeremy and his friend stopped by for an outdoor, sidewalk Sunday brunch. Admittedly, I was unable to dedicate to just a burger. I had to split one and a steak sandwich. The burger was covered in eggs, ham and cheese. It was pretty good and realizing these people have never had the experience that we at BC have had, it was still a pretty good burger. The steak sandwich on the other hand, sooo good. Go with the 4 cheese and grilled onions. Fries had great taste but needed to be cooked a little longer.

My only complaint, the bad 80s dance club mix. I kept reaching for ketchup and mustard expecting to find a glow stick in the condiments.

6 out of 10 ounces
I would still recommend if your here.

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  1. This is my first visit to this lovely blog, and this is more of a comment on your polls (yes. polls.):
    toppings – where are GRILLED onions on that jam?
    spreads – where is thousand island? the mainstay of every california burger?
    other than that, keep it going! I want some tots with my burger.

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