Neighborhood – Fit For the Friendly Spider

777 G Street
San Diego, CA 92101

THE STORY I am currently on tour with the band Thursday, whom I manage. (Still working on Burger Conquest becoming a “day job.”) Today we are playing the San Diego House of Blues on the Rockstar Taste of Chaos Tour. As part of my “show prep,” I did a little research on the top rated burgers in the area only to find out, one was only a couple of blocks away. Neighborhood’s gourmet burgers and craft beer tap selection was calling our name. Sounded like a great way to celebrate the release of their new album “Common Existence.”

Just outside of the downtown Gas Lamp district, this corner burger bistro offers a very wide selection of beers and wines as well as some interesting salads and of course, BURGERS! The restaurant had a neuvo-hip vibe with wooden and stainless steel tables of different sizes and heights, bound and stitched leather seats as well as wooden ones, bar seating, indoor / out door table combos and a very tall wine rack that we could not figure out how they got down bottles from the very top. I of course asked as was met with “Spiderman crawls up and gets them in his web.” Was she being funny? Maybe. Was I? No!

While Steve from Thursday and I went the traditional “Neighborhood Burger” route topped with caramelized onion/blue gruyere cheese/pepper greens, while Geoff and Tom felt the tempting of the “777” with organic baby spinach / plum tomatoes confit / bearnaise sauce. Steve rocked up a side of Sweet Potato fries with peppered malt mignonette dipping sauce and I leaped at the chance to get an order of Jalapeno Mac and Cheese to share.

The JMAC was the best god damn restaurant mac and cheese I have ever had in my life! The twisty noodles were cooked al dente, the cheese was saucy but not too thick and the jalapeno was not too hot but added an amazing but not-overbearing flavor.

The first half of my burger was superb even though it was cooked past my order of medium-rare. The brioche bun was sturdy enough to hold up under the pressure of melty-cheese, grease and the fried onions. However, as I got the 2nd half, which was actually cooked closer to medium-rare, something went odd with the taste. It was as though all the grease and grill flavor was compacted into one side. It took the flavor to a place I wasn’t exactly thrilled about. Overall, still a tasty burger and if you go, I suggest the 777. I took a dip of Tom’s Bearnaise and it was just what the burger ordered and don’t forget the JMAC!

7 out of 10 ounces
– Rev

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  1. You know you’ve found a great spot when you stumble upon a place that looks swank, is affordable, and has hot waitresses with sleeve-tats. But the burger here was excellent to back all of that up — I think I’d rate it higher than 7/10. It came cooked perfectly and with an extremely tasty, non-tomato based sauce. In fact, Neighborhood took things to the next level with a “no ketchup” sign behind the bar that signifies they take their burgers seriously. It was really, really delicious and savory. The thin, crispy fries come with a white garlic dipping sauce. Great burger… would highly recommend!

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