Snow-B-Q – Stuff Your Face Mini-Burgers


Tim, Jackie and Michelle’s House
Belleville, NJ

Fellow Burger Conquesters, Tim and Jackie, threw the BBQ to end all BBQ’s last summer at their house in NJ. Not to take their meat and BBQing lightly, they decided to have another one but this time in the winter. Thankfully mother nature cooperated and graced us with a sunny afternoon with temperatures in the 40s. Tim, Dan, Nick and Jackie had at our stomachs as though they were Knights of the Food table, jousting our bellies in order to fatten us up for 6 more weeks of winter.

The menu included:
Pulled Pork
Mac & Cheese
Beef Kabobs
Sausage & Peppers
Skirt Steak (courtesy of Dan)
Pork Loin
Spicy Corn Dip (courtesy of me)
the Bacon Explosion (courtesy of Chuck)

Nick shredded mushrooms, cheddar, bacon, taylor ham, onions and spices and mixed them in with ground beef to create these mini-masterpieces. A little hard to control the cooking so my first was medium well done but after the taste sent me to heaven, I reached for a 2nd and got one just the way I like it, medium-rare. Being a self proclaimed grill master myself, I am quick to judge other’s recipes and techniques and in this case, I wouldn’t have made them any differently. Kudos to Nick, the stuffed mini-burgers were amazing and using taylor ham was true genius. You have earned yourself a seat at a future Burger Conquest!

7 out of 10 ounces
– Rev

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2 Responses to Snow-B-Q – Stuff Your Face Mini-Burgers

  1. nona* says:

    I didn’t know what Taylor Ham was before Saturday but I am very happy to make its acquaintance.

    7 ounces!

  2. Tim Tats says:

    Chances are, if you’re not from NJ you don’t know what Taylor Ham is. Needless to say it’s amazing, especially on a bagel with ketchup.

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