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870 Broadway
New York, NY 10003

While taking a 5 minute break from the daily grind, I took a moment to catch up on all the latest Burger News on one of my favorite sites: A Hamburger Today. That’s when I found out that May is National Hamburger Month!!! I am sure you are as excited to find out as I am. I jumped up from my desk and told Jackie. “We have to go get a burger!”

As there is no Krystal Burger (the sponsors of the holiday month) near us, we chose the Burger place nearest to our office in Union Square, NYC — goodburger. Made from 100% Hereford beef, goodburger promises fresh and natural, not frozen burgers to its patrons. To ensure the freshness, goodburger has their ingredients delivered in each store every morning.

As I stood in line at the very busy and loud Union Square location, I tried to gauge my hunger. Was one cheese burger and fries going to be enough to fill my stomach and my celebration of National Hamburger month? NO WAY! But then 2 might be too much, so I went with a double cheeseburger with lettuce, mustard and fried onions, cooked, as always, medium rare. As Jackie and I waited for them to call our numbers, I went to fill my soda cup. COKE ZERO ON TAP! Oh happy day!! I think we can all agree that fountain soda is way better than in a plastic bottle. A few moments later and they called our numbers.

I wasted no time busting open my double cheese burger and slamming down on the first bite. Holy grease Batman! The burger juices began to run down my hands making quite a mess. The bun was already getting soggy and falling apart. Although they bothered to toast the bun, it was still the standard white bun which doesn’t leave for much excitement. With each bite, they greasy, flavor filled sandwich turned into a bigger and bigger mess. It was certainly a challenge to eat an I knew if I put it down, I wouldn’t pick it up again in one piece. The burger was definitely “good”, as promised! I particularly enjoyed the white and yellow blended cheese and the sheer massive size but in the end, I would not call it “greatburger.”

Regardless, Happy National Burger Month everyone!!

7 out of 10 ounces
– Rev

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  1. Jackie says:

    Happy burger month for sure! I couldn’t say no to celebrating it with a good burger. I must agree with Rev that ‘good’ was the best review they were going to get from me. As i watched Rev’s mess i wished i went for medium rare opposed to medium as my burger wasn’t as juicy, but didn’t regret there being a giant mess on my plate. Some burger places need to learn there is a difference between juicy and greezy. 6 out of 10 oz in my book.

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