Knickerbocker Bar and Grill – 2 Blogs with one Stone

Knickerbocker Bar and Grill
33 University Place
New York, NY 10003

The Knickerbocker, located in NYC’s Greenwich Village, right near NYU, has been in operation since 1977. It’s 300 year old marble bar has become a favorite hang for celebs like Rachel Ray, Paul Sorvino, Alec Baldwin, Richard Gere and more (or so says they’re website!) With a grill that stays open until 2 am and an actual piano bar, the Knickerbocker has definitely carved out it’s place in the myriad of NYC restaurants. Serving a slightly older crowd, you can tell it has stood the test of time.

BUT it’s not known for their burgers. The Knickerbocker hangs their hat on steak, specifically the t-bone. Which is exactly why we were there, but you’ll have to read our sister blog, Steak Club 7 for the full story on the steak. But it was pretty good.

The “black angus” bacon cheese burger arrived and we split it into 6 pieces (I took 2!) so we could all share. It was cooked to a perfect medium rare and looked amazing with the cheddar and bacon cooked on top. One bite, 2 bites, give me another piece…yeah looks are revealing, this was a great burger. It was full of flavor with a nice juiciness to greasiness balance served on a toasted brioche. A clear winner and a nice surprise. While you’re at the Knickerbocker, be sure to ask for the off menu mac and cheese which is filled with peas and bacony goodness!

8 out of 10 ounces

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2 Responses to Knickerbocker Bar and Grill – 2 Blogs with one Stone

  1. Anonymous says:

    That sounds like quite the burger place!
    I will have to check it out next time I am on the East Coast…On the West Coast where i live, i go to Burger Lounge in San Diego.

  2. rko281 says:

    The kobe beef burger is probably the best burger I’ve ever had in my life. Even better than Silver Spurs.

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