So it ain’t burgers, but any East Coast foodie knows that convenience store / deli / sometimes gas station chain WAWA is the bomb!! With their Ready-to-Go Snacks, tasty side dishes, refreshing Iced Teas, Fresh Brewed Coffee, delicious Sizzli breakfast sandwiches and of course, the best thing about Wawa, Built-to-Order Hoagies and Sandwiches!!! Just walk up to the computer screen and start mashing those hungry little fingers on the touch screen.

So how does one make such a wonderful and happy place filled with tasty treats better…the annual Hoagiefest promotion! Each week between June 1st through July 26, a different Wawa Hoagie is on sale for only $2.99.

This year’s Hoagiefest comes with 5 new official Hoagiefest songs and unlike the original, Wawa is giving them away for free with one click of a button.

The Hoagiefest theme songs are the genius creations of Nerf Herder vocalist, Parry Gripp. They were most famous for their song “Van Halen” as well as the “Buffy The Vampire” theme song. He is most famous for his Internet pop song memes like “Spaghetti Cat,” “Chimpanzee Riding a Segway,” and my favorite, “Dramatic Chipmunk.” You can check all of them out on his site or on his YouTube page.

So enjoy a “FREE HAMSTER ON A PIANO” DOWNLOAD!!!! (If this link is expired, my apologies) and run, don’t Wawalk to your nearest location in NJ, PA, DE, VA or MD and see a man about a Hoagie.

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  1. Cara says:

    Wawa's hoagiefest should be a national holiday. I enjoyed by toasted ciabatta with turkey, white american, a little oil, vinegar, and lettuce and tomatoes. I got the 4-inch version, a perfect wee snack!

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