Peter Luger Steakhouse – Real Men Shoot Their Beef

Peter Luger Steakhouse
178 Broadway
Brooklyn, NY 11211

Peter Luger Steakhouse wrote the book on the NYC-style of Steakhouse; a place where men can eat meat like men, drink large bottles of wine and liquor with formal dining service in a wooden dining room with big steaks and even bigger attitudes. There are a lot of steakhouses out there but none quite like Peter Luger’s.

With a history that dates back to 1887, this NYC steak staple (steakle?) is a must try in every steak lover’s book. They are known for their USDA Prime porterhouses that you order by the # of people. But this isn’t a steak blog is it? If you are curious to know more about the steak at Petey Luge’s check out our sister blog, Steak Club 7.

Also included on the Luger’s menu is their famous hamburger. Topping many a favorites list, this “little” 1/2 LB beast is only served during lunch. Using trimmings from the porterhouse, the burger truly defines a steakhouse burger. When our European correspondent, Paul Ryan, told me he was coming to town from London for a visit and wanted to “eat big,” I quickly organized a group of friends to help fulfill Paul’s wishes.

On a cold and windy Friday afternoon, Ben, Nick, Chuck, Rob and I all hopped trains and met Paul at Peter’s original Brooklyn location, just next to the Williamsburg bridge. We kick started our afternoon with a drink at the bar catching up and celebrating with some holiday spirits.

Only a few moments after we were shown to our table in one of their many dining rooms, I placed an order for “Luger’s Sizzling Bacon, Extra Thick by the Slice,” 1 rasher per man. Although I had no interest, the rest of the table seemed pretty damn excited for the sliced tomatoes and onions. Me, my focus remained on the bacon. If you eat one thing and one thing only at Peter Luger’s, eat this bacon!!! It’s like no other bacon in the world and when dipped in a little of their signature steak sauce, it’s the kind of taste sensation that is nearly indescribable. Bacon lovers unite, descend and conquer!

Trying to convince 5 dudes to get a burger at a steakhouse is no easy feat, regardless of the blog’s purpose. So to solve the problem we ordered “steak for 5” and 1 Peter Luger burger. Presentation is a big thing at Peter Luger’s. It is a massive part of the charm and the story and when an army of men in dress shirts and ties arrive with massive slabs of steak, a huge burger and plates filled with an array of side dishes, it is a sight to behold! The wait staff serves up each dish along with slices of the steak and wishes you “bon appetit.” After that, the carnage begins!

I took the massive burger, served between a fresh sesame seed roll and sliced it evenly 3 times, dividing it into 6 equal pieces,1 for each of us. This burger is no freakin’ joke people. I know a lot of bloggers have complained that it’s merely a cheap facade for using steak trimmings and that Luger’s had no idea how to properly prepare it but listen to me, they are all WRONG. Ordered medium-rare (just like our steaks), it was charred on the outside and still pink and juicy in the middle. Look at the picture below and tell me you aren’t instantly craving for one!!!

Steaks and burgers have their own unique flavors and never before have I had a burger that literally tasted like steak. This is cut from the same meat as Luger’s steaks. As Chuck is allergic to dairy (how sad), we ordered the burger with no cheese and honestly, the beef is so juicy and good that I might consider it a mistake to hide the natural flavors.

I almost regretted not getting a burger entirely for myself but after tearing into the porterhouse, I was quite pleased. Although Petey Luge’s has earned their namesake and claim to steak fame, I have had bad experiences their in the past (see link above) but this time was USDA Prime Quality. Normally spooned on top of the steak by the server for a little extra “flavor,” the juices marinating the steak were calling my name. The beef on this visit was so good, that I decided it warranted a shooting of the steak fat!

8 out of 10 ounces
-Rev Ciancio

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  1. Ben U. says:

    Luger's never disappoints. Real men do shots of steak fat and/or gnaw the bones! The burger is indeed a delicious one.

  2. Lee says:

    I really enjoyed your postings for burger. I looove burger and steak too so.. Thanks for all those pictures and comments!! I got a lot of information from them. 🙂

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