Bill’s Bar – Hater’s Be Damned

Bill’s Bar
22 Ninth Ave
New York, NY 10014

On this Sunny Friday afternoon in January, I found myself craving a burger. I’m sure you laugh and think that goes through my head every day. However, this time was different. I’ve been on a post holiday “diet” and working out like a madman. This morning at the gym I noticed that I had lost 7 pounds. Feeling pretty good about my accomplishment, I decide to justify this craving with a reward burger. After much go between on the Burger Conquest Twitter whether to hit the Shake Shack or Bill’s Bar, it’s decided; Adam, the Meat God and I are going to Bill’s Bar.

Now the last time that Bill’s Bar got Burger Conquested, was a very special event. We hosted The First Ever Burger Conquest Costume Burger Ball and it was a blast. Since then, I have been dying to go back to this B.R. Guest restaurant in NYC’s meat packing district.

With no delay, the Meat God ordered an Oreo shake, onion rings and a “Sunset and Vine” burger. “I knew what I was getting before I came here” he proclaimed. The pressure was on. I started with an order of the Texas Brisket Chili; Brisket, Bacon, Beans and a lot of Spices, topped with Onions, Diced Cheddar, Sour Cream. Because I wanted to maintain some semblance of health, I ordered sans sour cream. (Go ahead laugh.) The chili was fantastic! The red onions and the sweetness of the barbecued brisket made for a really unique chili taste. It wasn’t very spicy but it certainly was robust with flavor. I would definitely recommend it to the curious. Be warned though, it’s a hearty portion. Get it to share.

Curious to try something different, I also ordered the “Sunset and Vine,” which is a “Bill’s Classic” with Cheese topped with Lettuce and Special Sauce. Again, trying to make healthier decisions, I asked for it on a whole wheat bun. As the patties at Bill’s are thin and cooked smashed style, it doesn’t take too long for them to arrive. I took my first bite without the sauce just to confirm, that yes, Bill’s makes a fresh, delicious and flavorful burger. It’s not too greasy but it is a little juicy. The sauce however, is quite unique. I thought it had a smoky peanut butter taste but the server confirmed it was a BBQ / mayo based concoction. Whatever it is they put in it, they should bottle and sell it! I must say, the whole wheat bun was better than the white, not only in taste but also in strength. The bottom buns at Bill’s have a tendency to fall apart from all the toppings and the juice but the whole wheat held strong throughout the sandwich.

I know the critics are tied and while some love Bill’s, there are some haters and to them I say “are you out of your freakin’ minds?!??!” This being my 3rd burger at Bill’s, I can firmly tell you, this place is fantastic. So you know what, go ahead and hate it. That just means more Bill’s for me and Bronar!

8 out of 10 ounces
-Rev Ciancio

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2 Responses to Bill’s Bar – Hater’s Be Damned

  1. i've been to bill's maybe a dozen times at this point and it's always the same order- oreo shake, sunset & vine and onion rings and it always will be.

    i love the shake shack too, but a burger this good, 5 blocks from my house?? come on!

  2. Those onion rings look really good.

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