Shake Shack – First Ever Polar Brrrger Club

Shake Shack
11 Madison Ave
New York, NY 10010

SNOWMAGEDDON has struck NYC! With 10 + inches of heavy, wet and still falling snow, I woke up and thought “what a great day to go eat burgers at the Shake Shack!” The lines at Shake Shack are notorious long and I say it all the time, the best time to go to the Shack is during bad or cold weather. If you just aren’t the outdoors type, you can always try the Upper West Side location that happens to be inside. But not me, I am from Michigan and I enjoy the elements.

After a quick weather check, 10″s on the ground and more to come, I dropped a line to the Shake Shack to see if they would be open. Moments later General Manager, Vernon Patterson replied “We are definitely open. Come on down. We are giving out free hot chocolate all day!” I quickly put on a Hawaiian shirt and sent out an APB via Twitter, Facebook and email – “1230pm today @shakeshack MSP; #PolarBrrrgerClub. Hawaiian shirts encouraged but not necessary. Who’s with me?!?!? Free hot chocolate all day. I will be the guy in the WHITE CAMO VISOR.”

Around 12:30 I was met by 10 other burger hungry snow birding friends including Nick “Beef Aficionado” Solares & J. Kenji “Good Eater,” Lopez. both from A Hamburger Today. As we walked up to the Shack, I was pleasantly surprised to see a decent sized line. Nothing like a true blizzard to kick up a case of the Shack Shakes amongst New Yorkers. Standing in the shadows of the Empire State Building, Madison Square Park was actually quite busy. There were kids making snowmen, people play with their dogs and of course, a long line of bundled up burger fans. We got in line, placed our orders and waited under the heat lamps for our personal burger alert buzzers to go off.

The Shake Shack burger has a spot in our top faves, just like everyone else who has tried it. The burger is just superb. They use a high quality mix of beef, that is freshly ground, hand pattied and cooked right there. Served with fresh lettuce, savory cheese and the oh so tasty Shack Sauce. It’s all gloriously held between the beauty of a soft potato roll. One bite and you’ll know, only a burger this good would incite people to remove clothing and stand in the cold just to eat one.

8 out of 10 ounces
-Rev Ciancio

So with that, let the photos tell you the story of the First ever Burger Conquest Polar Brrrger Club. Kenji definitely gets an award for outstanding journalist bravado for inciting rabid squirrels in the park with free hot chocolate and hot french fries.

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5 Responses to Shake Shack – First Ever Polar Brrrger Club

  1. Nick Metroka says:

    I had the privilege of accompanying this conquest, and Sir Edmond Hillary himself would have been proud of the efforts made by Rev and his crew. It was freezing out. We were all going into the early stages of hypothermia. Fortunately, the Shack's heated table lanterns were able to assure it did not spread to our burgers. Thankfully, they made it safely into our stomachs warming our ice cold hearts. And that's when we realized whatever happened everything would be ok.

  2. Josh Terrill says:

    Neither snow, nor rain, nor heat, nor gloom of night stays these burger aficionados from the swift completion of their appointed rounds.

    – joshterrible

  3. mosher says:

    Best photo is the squirrel perched up on the tree branch eating a french fry. With the fry held in his front paws

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