Tri-Tip Grill – The Best Steak Sandwich in New York City

Tri Tip Grill
30 Rockefeller Plaza
New York, NY 10012

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I am about to ramble on in my normal way about fun stories, back ground information, taste description and food porn. While my ego appreciates your full attention to everything you are about to read, honestly all you need to know is that you need to run, not walk, to Tri-Tip right this very moment and sink your teeth into the best steak sandwich in NYC. Please feel free to return to this after doing so and continue reading.

How was it? You agree?

Located in the building made famous by the TV show with the abbreviated name, 30 Rockefeller Plaza, the Tri-Tip Grill, promises “The Best Meat of Your Life.” If you listened to the above, you know now for yourself. If you just kept reading, you should know that the mean it! “This sandwich will change your life,” is a bold statement but clearly they knew it. The Tri-Tip Grill was started by Californian’s John Pickerel and Jim Apple. They became famous purveyors of meat at the San Francisco based chain, the Buckhorn Grill. In March of 2010, the 2 brought their meat secrets to the big Apple where you can know partake in their delicious char grilled steak sandwiches (have you gone yet? SERIOUSLY!)

For those not familiar with the common types of beef, just settle in and let me clue you in. Tri tip is a very lean part of the sirloin. Some say it’s the tastiest, most flavorful part cut possible. At the Tri-Tip Grill they dry age their meat 21 days before it’s covered in rubbed marinade and charred over fire. At the Tri-Tip Grill it’s then moved to a wood smoker to give it even more taste sensation. Get yourself in line and get ready for some good eatin. Your sandwich is only 5 minutes away.

joeC from Steak Club 7 happened on this place across the street from his office and has been raving about it since. The man knows his meat so I trust his word. When he messaged me today and said “Doug, Chris and I going to Tri-Tip Grill in 30. Can you get here?”you can bet your ass I dropped what I was doing and headed to Rockefeller Center. After getting loss in the concourse of 30 Rock, I finally found, located in the basement level, on the North side of the building. On his last visit, joeC did see Bill Hader, so the eyes were open for cast sightings.

The Tri-Tip offers a long list of steak sandwiches, burgers, steak, salads and more but if it’s your first time, stick with one of the Buck tri tip sandwiches. I got the “Big Buck,” – 6 ounces of sliced tri tip served with au jus dipping sauce and caramelized onions. My excitement was growing like a kid in a candy store, that is if it was a steak store! The smell coming off the sandwich was heavenly and I could not wait to bite in.

I went in for the kill, opting not to dip the first bite. Wow. WOW! WOWWW!!! Was I really tasting what I was tasting? Could this possibly be the most delicious steak sandwich in all of New York? Only another bite could confirm. Second bite, no dip. Then on the third bite, I took the diver. It was confirmed, this is the best beef sandwich. Each savory and juicy bite has flavors of salt, pepper, smoke and other spices that I really couldn’t pin point as they did the happy dance in my mouth. I started to cry and my tears started to tear it was so beautiful.

If you still are reading and have not bolted off to get one, pay mind to the following. Practice caution while dipping! Truth be told, the salty meat, sweet onions and fresh white bread do not really need any additional flavor. In fact, adding juice is like washing down a sip of coffee with a sip of Red Bull, pure unnecessary dancing with danger. I’m not telling you NOT to dip but dip lightly. Too much au jus becomes over powering and really, really salty. Think of it this way, you aren’t trying to drown the sandwich, just baptize…take it from a Reverend.

If there was an appearance of Jack Donaghy or Vinny Vedicci, I wouldn’t have noticed as I was completely enraptured in the Tri-Tip Grilll Big Buck sandwich.

Feel free to save this photo to your smart phone or print out and use as your dipping guide.Tri_Tip_Grill_NYC_Review_Steak_Sandwich_Burger_Conquest_Rev_Best_Lunch_Midtown_ 051310_014 (10)
Tri_Tip_Grill_NYC_Review_Steak_Sandwich_Burger_Conquest_Rev_Best_Lunch_Midtown_ 051310_014 (8)
9 out of 10 ounces

Tri_Tip_Grill_NYC_Review_Steak_Sandwich_Burger_Conquest_Rev_Best_Lunch_Midtown_ 051310_014 (1)Tri_Tip_Grill_NYC_Review_Steak_Sandwich_Burger_Conquest_Rev_Best_Lunch_Midtown_ 051310_014 (2) Tri_Tip_Grill_NYC_Review_Steak_Sandwich_Burger_Conquest_Rev_Best_Lunch_Midtown_ 051310_014 (3) Tri_Tip_Grill_NYC_Review_Steak_Sandwich_Burger_Conquest_Rev_Best_Lunch_Midtown_ 051310_014 (4) Tri_Tip_Grill_NYC_Review_Steak_Sandwich_Burger_Conquest_Rev_Best_Lunch_Midtown_ 051310_014 (6) Tri_Tip_Grill_NYC_Review_Steak_Sandwich_Burger_Conquest_Rev_Best_Lunch_Midtown_ 051310_014 (7)  Tri_Tip_Grill_NYC_Review_Steak_Sandwich_Burger_Conquest_Rev_Best_Lunch_Midtown_ 051310_014 (9)Tri_Tip_Grill_NYC_Review_Steak_Sandwich_Burger_Conquest_Rev_Best_Lunch_Midtown_ 051310_014 (29)

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8 Responses to Tri-Tip Grill – The Best Steak Sandwich in New York City

  1. Frank Piaggi says:

    I agree whole-heartedly that you ought only tickle the meat with au jus. However, a meat-loving man must have the audacity to pitch a smoky battle between Tri-Tip and horseradish sauce. Once you have those flavors thrusting and parrying in your mouth, while the carmelized onions combine to form an euphoric menage, then you can call it the best steak sandwich in NY. In that case, you may need to go back. In spite of myself, however, you need to reconcile the omnipresent question: is the juice worth the squeeze? In this case, absolutely.

  2. Barb says:

    Burger Conquest! What a great review for the Tri-Tip Grill. In California, they call John Pickerel the 'minister of meat'. What a cool title. The one component that the Tri-Tip fails to tell their customers – big and bold – is that the beef is Certified Angus Beef(r). This brand is the top tier of the graded beef category with such great marbling. John starts with the best product and then spins his magic to deliver the fantastic Tri-Tip beef. Thanks again for the great review and keep dining and writing fun articles. Maybe you don't have to visit anywhere else now that you have found the best! 🙂

  3. Adam says:

    Man I love a good Tri-Tip sandwich. I like mine Santa Maria style with a little pico, but that stuff goes well with any flavor profile!

  4. DocChuck says:

    Man, those are some GREAT looking steak sandwiches. Thanks for sharing.

  5. DouG says:

    the Roadhouse Buck was so good I went back 3 days later for the Border Buck…

  6. Ian says:

    Man – I ate there last time I was in NY. Truly awesome.


  7. Melly says:

    I love love love Tri Tip Grill. Everything from their salads to the steaks sandwiches are off the chain!! Lets not forget about the friendliest staff ive met in a long time! When you go in there, they treat you like family. I work at 45Rock and im in there every othere day!!

  8. joe comisi says:

    best steak sandwich by far is in the capital grill ……ribeye sandwich to die for.

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