Snacky Tunes Interview – The Origin of Burger Conquest

I had the pleasure of speaking with Greg from the Heritage Radio Network, Snacky Tunes radio program. Greg is one of the two people behind Finger On The Pulse NYC.

They have a fantastic 1 hour radio show, based in NYC that focuses on my 2 favorite things; food and music! The show runs every Monday at 2 pm EST but you can download past podcasts on iTunes or listen to them direction from the Snacky Tunes webpage. Check out episode #52 here to hear about the origin of Burger Conquest, Greg’s favorite burger, Ann’s Snack Bar in Atlanta, GA and more.

In the show I mention that I will be attending the New York City Food Network Wine & Food Festival, specifically the Blue Moon Burger Bash presented by Pat LaFrieda Meats with host Rachel Ray. The event is this Friday night and if you plan on attending hit me up so we can meet and eat!


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