The Dirty Burger Maker at Idle Hands / Billy Hurricane’s

The Dirty Burger Maker at Idle Hands / Billy Hurricane’s
25 Avenue B
New York, NY 10009

I grew up on cartoons, Buck Rogers and Colecovision and swear that these 3 things have caused a deep seated attention deficit disorder within me that when matched with the OCD my Mother gave me by repeated bed room cleaning demands, allows me to stay focused as long as there is constant change in my life. It plays out well in the bar I own, Idle Hands when we get to put together unique events like our “Pumpkin Picking Party” where we served the last 15 pumpkin beers available in NYC or our “Trick-Can-Treat” Halloween bash that featured 19 different beer in cans. Our love for events and fun parties recently brought the Food Network’s “Great Food Truck Race” victors, Grill ‘Em All into the bars to host a limited serving of items from their competition winning menu.

Just after their departure, we invited Dan Petersen from Brooklyn’s “That Burger Tent” over to take over our kitchen to serve up his tasty “Jersey Burger.” He is normally found on Saturday’s on the corner of 6th and Bedford in Williamsburg cooking up his limited menu just outside the Artists and Fleas market. A few days later, while taking a keg count, I found 2 full boxes of Burger Maker patties, along with some fresh Cabot pepper jack cheese, a crate of sesame seed brioches and truffle oil, that had been left over by Grill ‘Em All on their “NYC Victory Lap.” Looked like another burger event was in store.

Kyle, one of the owners of Billy Hurricanes, offered to jump into the kitchen and serve them up, but with a twist…he was going to make them “Dirty” style. Kyle also is a partner in Thunder Jackson’s, home to the “Dirty” burger (and also a stop on the Grill ‘Em All NYC “Victory Lap”.) It’s a fresh and delicious concoction that is spicy and sweet. While TJ’s won’t reveal the secrets of the Dirty Burger, you can read more about it here. Thus was born, the Dirty Burger Maker Burger at Idle Hands.

Wednesday nights at Idle Hands are typically reserved for specialty beer events and tastings where breweries are invited down to the bar to let our customers try new brews at a discount price and often times of limited edition beers. On this Wednesday in particular, we were hosting one of the USA release parties for the new rum casked beer from Innis and Gunn. Made using the highest of artisan ideas and standards, this beer’s barrel aged taste it’s absolutely beer drinking heaven. Read more here.

Sounded like a great pairing for a burger and Cajun Truffle Tots and priced at $15 was a gosh darn steal.

It’s sweet. It’s spicy. The “Dirty” preparation is so unique and to have it served on top of an amazing piece of ground steak meat cut and formed into a patty, was a very special treat. While you can still try out these wickedly delicious spices at Thunder Jackson’s, this one time specialty is no longer available. You can still get the order the crispy, golden and extremely delicious Cajun Tater Tots at Billy Hurricane’s, but don’t expect to have them served in the same truffle oil used by Grill ‘Em All. For that, you’ll have to pay a visit to the truck in LA. You can get them with Kyle’s very own smoky chipotle ketchup, which adds an unnecessary extra kick that is pretty damn delicious.

8 out of 10 ounces

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