Zaitzeff – Yet Another Great Reason To Be on Avenue B

18 Avenue B
New York, NY 10009

Since opening up the NYC East Village bars Idle Hands Bar and Billy Hurricane’s with some of my friends, I have been taking the time to sample all the local businesses. It’s a fantastic neighborhood rich with fantastic local businesses. In fact, other than a chain drug store, that is all you will find on Avenue B. While we’re having a great time serving bourbon, beer and rock we are also loving what our neighbors have to offer.

On this week I finally stepped into one of NYC’s most raved about burger joints, Zaitzeff. They have a simple concept; “Our formula for hamburgers is simple. We get the best ingredients and fuss with them the least. Our American style Kobe beef comes straight from a ranch in Nebraska, so you know it’s fresh. Our sirloin, which we grind ourselves every day, is grass-fed. We cook our hand-cut fries in cast iron skillets which enables us to change the oil daily.” Known as a quaint, foodie friendly restaurant that serves all of their burgers on an amazing Portuguese muffin that is their claim to food fame. Their East Village location is still awaiting their liquor license but that shouldn’t stop you in the least to eat in or order out from Zaitzeff.

Believe it or not, it does happen and some days I just don’t feel like eating a beef burger. I know, I know, don’t worry, we will all be OK and how do I know? The turkey burger at Zaitzeff told me so. It’s fresh and delicious with the slightest of seasonings that remain subtle allowing the delicious meat to be the star of the show. I won’t lie though, the turkey patty is jealous…VERY jealous of the Portuguese muffin. This Portuguese roll has all the taste one would expect of this style but in made into what I could only describe as a sturdy pancake. Add in American cheese and a fried egg and you got yourself one darn tootin‘ turkey burger.

I’m definitely headed back to try their beef or perhaps their heralded Kobe burger. Thankfully, I’m on Avenue B A LOT. So should you be.

8 out of 10 ounces

302 burgers

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