Beer, Bourbon & BBQ Festival – Balls In Your Mouth


If you were there, you experienced in first hand. The bar I own with my friends, Idle Hands Bar, joined forces with our upstairs neighbors, Billy Hurricane’s to host a booth at the 2nd Annual Beer, Bourbon & BBQ Festival. I suggest we make Beer and Bourbon BBQ Meatballs and like he always does, Kyle from Billy Hurricane’s took it to an extreme. Kyle created a tangy and hot, BBQ sauce that was made with real bacon and covered deep-fried meatballs with it. Right before they were served to the excited masses, they took a little bath in Butternuts Porkslap Ale & Maker’s Mark Kentucky Bourbon.

I think you’re all aware of my meatball obsession so know that I wouldn’t endorse something we made unless I thought it was absolutely awesome and these mother scratchers are AMAZING. These are not your Grandmother’s meatballs. They are hot, spicy, juicy, peppery, beefy, bacony and really sauced up. The very brief deep-frying process gives the outside a little bit of crunch but leaves the inside really juicy. These molten monsters will have you begging for more. I HIGHLY suggest you wash them down with a beer, especially a Porkslap!

8 out of 10 ounces

To see how they’re made and what went down at the festival, take a look at this video:

But that’s not all!! The Festival meatballs are NOW AVAILABLE at Idle Hands & Billy Hurricane’s. Get your patoots down to the East Village and PUT OUR BALLS IN YOUR MOUTH!!

Check out more photos from our booth at the Beer, Bourbon & BBQ Festival on our facebook page. For more info on the meatballs, go to the Idle Hands website.

We only set up for the first session of the event AKA “The Bacon Bash Session” and once the steam clears, the drunks get pushed out onto the streets while all the vendors set up for “The Whole Hog.” The big difference between the 2 sessions is that a random smattering of food samplings is included in the “Bacon Bash” and “The Whole Hog” offers up a plate of pulled pork. Of course you can buy a pass to both, known as the “Grand Poobah,” or you can set up a booth to serve awesome meatballs. Then you can hang out for the 2nd session and get a nice buzz on sampling tasty beers and delicious bourbons! Whatever you choose, it’s a great event that I wouldn’t suggest scheduling anything after, UNLESS it’s enjoying bourbon, beer and rock at Idle Hands!

Jan. 29, 2011 – 12 – 9 pm

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