That Burger Tent At Idle Hands – I Do This Because I Love You

That Burger Tent at Idle Hands Bar / Billy Hurricane’s
25 Avenue B, Downstairs
New York, NY 10009

If there’s two things I love (besides my Mom and my wife) it’s Burgers and Beers. But because my Mom taught me to share, I now have the opportunity to share them with you!

Starting Monday, April 26th at my bar, Idle Hands, in New York City’s East Village “EVILL,” we’ll be welcoming Dan and That Burger Tent from Brooklyn into the bar to give out FREE MINI BURGERS.


Yeah, you read that right…FREE with ANY $5 (or more) drink order. Or you can nab ’em for $2 each.

What else would expect from a bar where one of the owners runs Burger Conquest? That Burger Tent was so well received at Idle Hands during the Thrillist Rewards East Village Bar Crawl and at our very first Active Minds Team Trivia Night that we had to bring them back!

Dan from That Burger Tent gets his meat directly from Pat of LaFrieda Meats. Dan’s blend is a proprietary secret and the mini versions are ONLY available at Idle Hands.

Free Mini Burgers
Idle Hands Bar
That Burger Tent

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