Poco – Off-Menu Thanksgiving Tapas

33 Avenue B
New York, NY 10009

I love New York City. Much like the rest of you that are here with me, I don’t live here to take it easy. I want the best of the best, the coolest of the cool and I want it every time I leave my apartment. One of the best methods for satiating such needs is Thrillist Rewards. If you’re not familiar by now, they give people like me the opportunity to experience New York in ways I can’t get on my own. VIP access, skip the line, Chef table dinners, Off-menu food and super cool events, all with the best businesses in the city, that’s what you can expect to get by subscribing.

New Rewards come out on Tuesday’s and while there’s only a few offers, they’re always awesome. Recently, Thrillist Rewards put out a special promotion with Idle Hands Bar’s neighbors, Poco. They offer Spanish meets Southern American comfort food style tapas. The menu was created by award winning chef Abe Lopez, one time victor of the Food Network’s “Chopped.” It’s a great place for an interesting mixed drink, light snack, full meal, brunch, group hang or a nice date. While you don’t need Thrillist to enjoy a fantastic meal at Poco, you did need them to enjoy Poco’s Off-menu Thanksgiving themed tapas dinner. The offer was only available for 2 nights a couple days before Thanksgiving so you had to act fast. The menu sounded amazing and having eaten at Poco many times, I knew without any doubt, the dinner was going to be amazing.


Mashed Potato Croquettes with Gravy

Cornmeal Cheese Sticks with Caramelized Onion & Honey drizzle

Chorizo stuffed Acorn Squash with Cranberry Sauce

Piquillo stuffed peppers with Goat Cheese and Herbs in a Balsamic reduction on Crostini

Turkey Sliders with Manchego Cheese and Cranberry Relish
– Seriously, these were absolutely awesome. If Poco decides to bring them back every year for Thanksgiving, I will stop in every year to eat them. The Turkey was juicy, which is not that easy to do for a Turkey Burger. I wouldn’t think that once you top something like this with a Cranberry Relish, you’d have a winner, sans Cheese. But let me tell you, the mild yet tasty characteristic tastes of Manchego really turned this from amazing to winner.

8 out of 10 ounces

Pumpkin Pie Churros
– I just didn’t have the room to even consider eating these.

6 Courses and 2 Beers for only $40 is a deal in my book and I couldn’t wait to get my Thanksgiving on at Poco. Honestly, the meal was so freakin’ big that I couldn’t even finish. 2 people could’ve easily shared this feast worthy of a second look from the pilgrims. Everything was absolutely delicious, unique and once again, only available from Thrillist Rewards.

Nov. 22, 2011 – 7:28 pm

464 Burgers

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Poco scores a PERFECT 10 on The Rev Meter!!

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