5 Napkin Burger – Scientific Experimentation Proves Cheese Is Better On Bottom

5 Napkin Burger
150 E. 14th Street
New York , NY 10003


What are you passionate about? Do you often find yourself in deep & lengthy discussions about the subject? Does what excite you find its way into your every conversation? Burgers, Craft Beer, local marketing, the hospitality business, myself … somethings I can talk about for hours and hours. Nearly every conversation I have almost every single day in someway or how dips into one or mang of these categories. You would think boredom of the topic would ensue but it doesn’t, you’ll just keep on going.

If you love Food and can talk about it all day long, you’re like me. Every Meal of your day is important. You approach every meal like it’s your last and a bad meal, well that can ruin your whole day. Sound like you? Then you’re like Dan Pashman from The Sporkful.

The Sporkful is a podcast and corresponding blog that allows Dan to explore his passion for Food. When you listen, you’ll go into deep, deep dives into single topics that are all food related. Dan can take something as mundane as a muffin top and get into a lengthy discussion about them. If you can intensely go on about improvements need for MREs, Thanksgiving Leftovers, ideal Nacho construction or my favorite topic, why Cheese should be on the bottom of the Burger, then you need The Sporkful in your life.


Dan recently invited me to The Sporkful HQ to wax poetically on the topic of Cheeseburgers. We didn’t just prattle on about how much we love them, Dan and I got into deep gastronomic contemplation about proper Burger nomenclature, construction and how the FBI can influence your dining situation.

After nearly an hour of Burger speak, we were hungry, hungry for Cheeseburgers. I wanted to return the courtesy and invited Dan out for a BurgerConquest. Dan picked out 5 Napkin Burger as the destination to continue our conversation.

But most importantly, test out the theory that Cheese belongs on the bottom the Burger.

Andy D’Amico & Simon Oren, 2 of the guys behind the NYC French style restaurant, Nice Matin, took their most popular dish and turned it into it’s own restaurant concept. Hence 5 Napkin Burger was born. The original opened in Hell’s Kitchen and has since expanded into 5 other locations.

Dan and I met one early evening at the 5 Napkin Burger near Union Square to allow our Burger obsessives to live a little. Our mission was not only to satiate our Burger cravings but to as scientifically correct as possible, explore the positive attributes of putting Cheese underneath the Burger Patty.

The namesake Burger is one hefty Sandwich. It is not for the weak of heart or small of stomach. It’s mad with a 10 oz. fresh Ground Beef Patty, Gruyere Cheese, Caramelized Onions, Rosemary Aioli & placed between 2 halves of a soft White Roll. With the suggested number of cloths being so high, you should take this as am ample warning, this Burger is going to be juicy and therefore messy. Despite a solid and sturdy Bun, it still loses the battle of attrition to the juice and weight of the ingredients.

I’ve reviewed the 5 Napkin before so no need to rehash in detail, you can just read about it here.

As planned, we did flip the Cheese to the bottom and yes, it does make the Burger better. This trip to eat the 5 Napkin Burger was better than the last time.


8 out of 10 Ounces


598 Burgers
February 20, 2013 – 5:43 pm


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