Idle Hands Bar – Welcome Chef Dennis and a House Ground Burger

Idle Hands Bar 
25 Avenue B
New York, NY 10009


In September of 2010 I made a teenage dream come true thanks to Rob Morton and Marc Schapiro by opening the East Village’s Idle Hands Bar. A promise I had made to my father when I was 16 finally came to life as cracked opened the doors to a Bourbon, Beer and Rock Bar on Avenue B in New York City. It was a proud moment and continues to be every day we get to serve the largest selection of Bourbons, a rotating list of Craft Beers and other libations while playing some great music for you.

With my reputation as an Expert Burger Taster (as coined by The Learning Channel, not me) it’s an expectation that we serve a great burger. We first brought you the Dirty Burger from Billy Hurricane’s & then followed that up with That Burger. Burgers and Beers are meant to be had together so with the departure of Dan Petersen and That Burger, we had to continue to bring you the good stuff.

Welcome Chef Dennis Hatzinger. He took over the kitchen upstairs at Billy Hurricane’s and has curated the new menu we are offering at Idle Hands Bar. Dennis is a Food junkie and made it a mission to elevate the definition of Pub Fare. He’s bringing us rubbed, baked and then fried Chicken Wings, house made Hummus, a Pulled Pork Sandwich and of course, Hamburgers.

Chef Dennis does not mess around when it comes to Hamburgers. He house grinds a blend of Prime Chuck, Brisket & Hanger Steak trimmings. When you ask him about the fat to lean content ratio his answer is “probably about 75/25 but it’s hard to say since I do everything by hand and eye!” Dennis lightly seasons the patty before charring it on a flat top using a high heat. The patty is very, very juicy without being greasy and has an all natural and savory Beef taste. The Burger is served on a Brioche Bread made locally by Wenner Bread of Long Island which he grills to give and extra smoky taste to the all over presentation.

For the gastronomically daring, check out Dennis’ signature “Bleu Burger” with Gorgonzola Spread which is made from a mix of that Cheese along with Cream Cheese. It will give your Burger a creamy, savory and yes, messy kick. If you’re getting that on your Burger, it also comes with Applewood Smoked Bacon from Farmland. Dennis gives a perfect treatment so it turns out smoky and the right amount of chewiness to crispiness. No matter what you order on top of the Burger, you can also ask for it to be blackened. While Dennis offers a number of tasty Potato products to ride along with your taste buds, be sure to consider the Sweet Potato Tater Tots.

No rating given because that would be unfair since I own the place. But come by and try one and then tell me what you think.



636 Burgers
May 15, 2013 – 6:37 pm

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