The Cattle Call – Chef Alfredo Estrada from Clarke’s Standard

The Cattle Call – Chef Alfredo Estrada from Clarke’s Standard

The Cattle Call – All the beef that’s behind the people who make & connect us to the Burgerverse.


Alfredo Estrada, 33, born and raised in New York
Culinary : 15 years
Worked for Clarkes Group for 5 years at all New York locations.
Executive Chef for Clarke’s Standard on Lexington and Maiden Lane

Name: Alfredo Estrada


Where do you live: Bronx, New York

Favorite style of Burger: Any well seasoned American burger. Cooked Medium rare.

Favorite Childhood BurgerWendy’s for their buns and simplicity.

What is the one Burger you’ve always wanted to try but still have notThe In-N-Out burger.

If you could eat any Mythical Creature which would it be: Puff the magic Dagon with mushrooms. How cool would that be? I love to be different.

If you could have a Burger with anyone alive, or dead, fictional or real, who would it be and where would you take them: Gordon Ramsey and I would take him to the original PJ Clarkes. There’s something special about this place. The atmosphere makes the burgers taste that much better.

Name one Burger in LA that for once, people should get off a plane and go eat instead of In-N-Out: Sorry, it’s the one burger I want to taste but haven’t.

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Next Clarke’s Standard opening:

  • 57th and 8 Ave
  • 17th St. and Broadway
  • 43rd and 2nd Ave


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