12 Days of Burgers – The Best Burger Conquests of 2013

Wow. Seriously, I am blown away. While this blog was really just the story of my life as told through the eating of Hamburgers, it’s turned into way more than I could’ve ever expected. With each year of writing Burger Conquest, I’ve always set a new goal. I wanted to keep the site fresh, interesting, fun and on some level, useful. 2013 proved to be the colossal year of the blog yet. It saw my biggest TV appearance, the largest Burger event I’ve ever thrown, the introduction of The Cattle Call, an interview series where I got to interview some of my biggest heroes in the Burger business, my first Burger review ever in Ireland and in the biggest of news, a job working in the Burger business.

Every moment of this blog and especially this year was a Burgery dream come true.

76 Burgers reviewed in 2013

At the end of 2013, THE BURGER COUNTQUEST is at 665 Burgers.

So, in the tradition of “12 Days of Christmas” I give you the final tally in my “12 Days of Burgers,” the 12 best Burger Conquests of 2013.

12. Step by step ordering instructions on how to have an absolutely grandiose and delicious brunch in Portland, OR. This was really just the kick off to my friend Nick’s bachelor party where I had an awesome timeTasty n Sons – Epic Level Brunch

11. There’s a lot of great reasons to take a road trip to New England and we experienced most of them in a 24 hour jaunt themed around locations that inspired the TV show “Family Guy.” Combine that with a Burger 70 years in the making and you have:  The Brohd Trip 5 – A Family Guy Themed Road Trip to New EnglandThe_Brohdtrip_New_England_Providence_Portsmouth_Gloucester_Burger_Conquest_062913_5979The_Brohdtrip_New_England_Providence_Portsmouth_Gloucester_Burger_Conquest_062913_6017

10. There are a lot of things I can call myself that others said first, and thanks to Friendly’s, I can add “local celebrity” to that list. All jokes aside, it was a pleasure and an honor to be a judge for their annual contest. Friendly’s – Build Your Own Burger Finals

9. Many people have promised to take me to eat the Burger, but only George, Seth, Nicole and Artie from The Food Film Festival delivered. AKA; the only time I’ve ever interviewed myself. Minetta Tavern – This Is One of the Best Burgers EverMinetta_Tavern_Burger_Conquest_George_Motz_051813_5725Minetta_Tavern_Burger_Conquest_George_Motz_051813_5726

8. Only 2 Burgers I ate all year made it into my “best of” list and this one in particular is the best one I’ve ever had in Brooklyn. The meal embodied every reason this blog exists: to eat delicious Burgers with people I love. Two 8 Two Bar and Burger – One Of The Best Burgers Ever

7. Some might say battling a massive snowstorm just to eat Burgers and Hot Wings as well as drink Beers all over the state of NY is a foolish thing to do. To the 13 of us that did it, we would disagree. It was one of the most fun road trips of all times, including seeing Niagara Falls and Rick James’ grave. The Brohd Trip 4 / Wing-Off 20 – 881 Miles Just To Eat Hot Wings

6. The 3rd iteration of Burgers at the bar I co-own with Rob Morton and Marc Schapiro, Idle Hands Bar, came to us from Chef Dennis Hatzinger. The Chuck, Brisket and Hangar blend patty is totally upping our Burger game and I urge you to try it for yourself. Idle Hands Bar – Welcome Chef Dennis and a House Ground BurgerIMG_0158Chef_Dennis_Hatzinger_Burger_Conquest_Idle_Hands_Bar_NYC

5. It was one of the biggest Food sensations of the year and I can proudly say I was able to help it happen. Keizo Shimamoto’s Ramen Burger, featuring Beef from Burger Maker, exploded onto the scene delivering a unique experience that tastes as good as they say it does. Ramen Burger – How To Skip The Ramen Burger Line

4. I got a little more Burger Famous in 2013 thanks to George Motz. I beat his  nearly impossible challenge of finding a great Burger in NYC that he had not eaten prior, so that he could do it for an episode of Travel Channel’s Burger Land; Korzo Haus. Then I threw my own viewing party. Burger Land Viewing Party with Burgers and $10 Weyebacher Tasting

3. There is nobody I enjoy traveling and eating with more than my wife (and accomplished novelist), Cara Lynn Shultz. I’m honored that the last Burger to be reviewed on this site was not only amazing but with her in Dublin while celebrating our anniversary. Bonus, our guide of what to do with 3 days in Dublin. Bobo’s Gourmet Irish Burgers – Best Irish Food and Dublin To Do List

2. What was once a funny idea became a reality in 2012. In 2013 it became a tradition; NY Burger Week. 7 days of awesome Hamburger events turned into 2,549 Burgers served at 8 different events with the help of a whole heck of a lot of awesome Burger friends. 2nd Annual NY Burger Week By the Numbers

1. 1,909 days and 665 Burgers reviewed later and I still haven’t given a 10 out of 10 rating on this blog. My glorious pursuit of delicious Burgers will continue on but no longer as a Burger blogger as I am now the director of marketing. Burger Maker – The Next Conquest

If I could conceive the type of high-five that turned instantly into a fireworks show, I would extend it to everyone who has ever laid eyes on this website or supported my Burger madness. Since I haven’t figured out how to do that yet, please accept this legen- wait for it…-dary virtual version of the fireworks-five as a sign my extreme gratitude. Expect a whole lot more Burger insanity from me in 2014.

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