Burger Burger – The 4th Ever Polar Brrrger Club

Burger Burger
77 Pearl St
New York, NY 10004


“I’m a little confused as to what happens once people meet at the spot. Can you tell me how this event works?” I received this communication via email from a representative at a news agency. “Do all participants eat outside in the snow?” continued the email.

Once a year, when and IF there is a massive blizzard, snowpocalypse, polar vortex, snowmageddon (or whatever you checked into on foursquare) I organize an event called the “Polar Brrrger Club.” It’s a play on the name of the Long Island based group of people who bathe in freezing cold waters, AKA The Polar Bear Club. Whereas they strip down to their skivvies and dive into the icy cold Atlantic Ocean, we gather outside in wintry conditions and eat Hamburgers. The wearing of Hawaiian shirts at the gathering is encouraged but not enforced.

As the reported “thundersnow” piled down upon New York City, I was quickly putting together plans to host the 4th ever Polar Brrrger Club. This time it was to happen at Burger Burger in the Financial District. The restaurant’s only dining area, other than a small counter inside where you order, is a patio out in front, right off stone street. Perfect..or is that brrrfect?



Burger Burger is a long standing customer of Burger Maker and use our 6 oz Certified Angus Beef patty to make all of their Burgers. The Burgers at Burger Burger (that’s fun to say) are fresh, never frozen and cooked on a char grill to the temperature of your choice. You can order just a plain Cheeseburger or choose from the long list of unique specialty Burgers on the menu. I opted for the “Bill Burger” with American Cheese, Sauteed Onions, and Horseradish Cream Sauce on an English Muffin. Once everyone who showed up to participate got their Burgers, we headed out and diner al fresco while freezing our bums off in 16 degree weather.


Fun fact: Burger Burger was the site of the 3rd ever Burger Conquest!

For more about the Burger itself and some other photos, check out Brad Garoon’s review on Burger Weekly.


When I moved to NYC in 1996 it was because I wanted to live in a city that no matter how hard I tried, I could never beat it. 18 years later and the challenge is still never ending. However this little event helped me to climb the ladder a little. After eating the Burger, I checked my email and found one from 1010 Wins / CBS requesting for an interview.  I was flattered and honored. Not only did they post a story online but it also made the radio broadcast. Listen:

Dear Bucket list

We’re one step closer to being done. We can now add “be the subject of an evening news as fluff piece” to the list.

First NY1 and now 1010Wins / CBS. Good Morning New York – you’re next.



Thanks to Burger Burger for hosting the event and being great sports about the whole thing.

Thank you to the Clubbers willing to forgo warmth in exchange for tasty burger fun: Fletcher, Dana & George Motz from The Food Film Fest, Squigs of The Happy Hour Guys, Marc “the Bacon Jew,” Adam Poch from Big Brother 13, John & Kelly from Burger Maker, Brad from Burger Weekly and Pauly 3k Beers.

Thank you to the bro’s at Gothamist who always take the time to promote the event and find a new way to poke fun at our fun. I sincerely appreciate it.

Thank you to Burger Maker for not only supporting my Burger lifestyle but for treating all the Polar Brrrger Clubbers to lunch at Burger Burger. I wouldn’t have taken the job if I didn’t firmly believe you make the best beef in the business with intense attention to quality and consistency.

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