Burger Lift – Defend Your Burger’s Bun Integrity

Burger Lift

You know what’s awesome?

You know what else is awesome?
IMG_4985Until THIS happens:
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We’ve all had it happen and when it does, it makes us Burger fanatics  sad, oh so very sad. It’s called Bun integrity and when it becomes compromised it takes away from the Burger experience. Hamburgers are not a Food we eat because it’s good for us or because we’re on a diet or counting calories, it’s a reward. Eating a Burger is a magical experience, one that even the most nonchalant person has the highest expectations for taste and quality. When that’s negatively affected it brings about an air of depression.

You don’t want a sad Burger do you?

There’s a solution!!!

It’s called a “Burger Lift.” It’s a device that’s meant to protect Bun integrity when you’re Burger is extra juicy.

You simply place it underneath your Burger to elevate it off the plate. Then as the delicious Juices drip from it, collecting on the plate, you don’t need to set it back down into the pool.

I recently got to meet up with Matt and Jasmine, creators of said magical Burger defense mechanism and try it out for myself. Observe …

Delicious looking, juicy Burger:The_Smith_Upper_West_Side_Burger_Lift_NYC_Review_032414__2659

Burger carefully placed on Burger Lift:The_Smith_Upper_West_Side_Burger_Lift_NYC_Review_032414__2667

Yummy. Yummy. Tasty. Tasty. (Note, always use the Left Hand Grab when eating Burgers.)

Juiciness collects on plate underneath the Burger Lift:

No compromise in Bun integrity:The_Smith_Upper_West_Side_Burger_Lift_NYC_Review_032414__2678

The Burger Lift is also reusable, washable and stacks easily for storage. So at the time of publishing this blog where can you get this Burger defense system? You can’t. But you can help. The team behind Burger Lift currently have a Kickstarter running to fund this extremely important device. Watch the video below for more and be sure to donate so that you don’t have to face this fear again:


Kickstarter video:

Back Burger Lift on Kickstarter and not only can you pre-order one but you can purchase a Burger sampling party at Idle Hands Bar, hosted by yours truly.


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