Rare Bar and Grill – Boozed Up Burgers With a Tequila & Whiskey Tasting, NY Burger Week

Rare Bar & Grill
303 Lexington Ave
New York, NY  10016

– 7 Days of delicious Burger events


To celebrate National Hamburger Month, Burger ConquestBurger Maker & The Food Film Festival proudly bring you the 3rd Annual NY Burger Week, May 1-7, 2014.

The Burger Week is a 7-day celebration of trendsetting chefs and unique burgers with a series of daily events.

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There were 2 key events that lead to the creation of NY Burger Week. The first was a National Hamburger Day party I hosted in 2010 at Rare Bar & Grill. On that day, readers of this blog were invited to join myself and George Motz for a “Louis Lunch” style Burger at Rare. At the time, it was the highest attended event Burger Conquest had ever done. The following February, I teamed up with Andrew Fischel and threw an off-menu Burger Bash at Rub BBQ. The event sold out in minutes and a 2nd seating was added. It was such a huge success that we wanted to make it an annual event.

That was the birth of the signature event of Burger Week, the Burger Brunch. Six more events were created and boom, NY had it’s very own Burger Week. Sadly, later that year Rub BBQ, home to the BEST Burger I’ve ever eaten, closed it’s doors.  In 2013 Chef Jeff Maslanka took over the duty and we hosted the Burger Brunch at 67 Burger in Brooklyn. In 2014, the Burger Brunch came full circle for the 3rd Annual NY Burger Week.


At Rare Bar & Grill

– $23 for 3 Drunken Mini Burgers with Lunazul Tequila and Elijah Craig 12 Year Tasting –


Brought to you by Gotham Burger Social Club

Sunday, May 4, 2014
Rare Bar & Grill
303 Lexington Ave, NYC
1:00 and 2:30 pm seatings

Price: $23
Ticket link: http://theburgerweek.com/tickets/


  • The Rare Drunken Trio of Mini Burgers
  • Bourbon & Tequila Tasting
  • Sweet Potato Chips

The Burger Week began many years ago at a boozy Burger brunch and for 2014 the tradition continues! Rare Bar & Grill (303 Lexington Ave) will host Boozed Up Burgers With a Tequila & Whiskey Tasting Brunch on Sunday, May 4th for the 3rd Annual NY Burger Week. Proprietor and Burger aficionado, Douglas Boxer, has put together a Drunken Trio of Burgers, each of which is flambeed in a different liquor. You’ll taste all three as well as Rare Bar & Grill’s delicious Sweet Potato Chips topped with a Honey Drizzle.

Along with the Drunken Trio Burgers, you’ll enjoy an expertly lead tasting of small batch Tequila and Bourbon. Returning to the Burger Week, liquor expert Jessica Partington from Heaven Hill will lead a tasting of Lunazul’s Blanco and Anejo Tequilas along with Elijah Craig 12 year Bourbon.

There’s a lot of ways you could make a Burger Brunch “boozy.” When it came to this year’s party, I thought working with Rare Bar & Grill would be fun since they have a menu of Burgers that are flambeed in different liquors. How else to make it fun? Invite the guys from Gotham Burger Social Club to join. If you follow them on instagram you’ll be privy to a never ending stream of amazing Burger porn, refreshing looking Cocktails and a lot of dudes in suits. It’s definitely one of the classiest Burger clubs out there.

Jameson Black Barrel Burger – Fresh ground ribeye, flambéed in Jameson Black Barrel select reserve atop its aged whiskey slaw & smothered with white Irish cheddar.

T-Bone Burger – A blend of filet and strip, flambeed in tequila, wrapped in apple smoked bacon, topped with cheddar and crispy onions.


M&M Burger – Our classic flambéed in whiskey topped with caramelized shallots, cheddar cheese & smoked apple bacon.


Expert lead small batch tasting featuring Lunazul Tequila & Elijah Craig 12 year Bourbon

NY_The_Burger_Week_NYC_2014_Rare_Bar_And_Grill_Boozy_Burger_brunch_050414_4349 NY_The_Burger_Week_NYC_2014_Rare_Bar_And_Grill_Boozy_Burger_brunch_050414_4385

We had so much fun with the Bourbon Tasting event during the 2nd Annual NY Burger Week at Hardings with “Bourbon Jess” Partington from Heaven Hill, that I asked her to come back and be a part of Burger Week again. As this event was the day after the Kentucky Derby and the day before Cinco De Mayo, Jessica suggested we do a tasting of both a Bourbon and a Tequila. It was a good call because both of them were very delicious. Jessica is an expert on these spirits and gave everyone a little lesson about their history and how to “properly” taste them.

NY_The_Burger_Week_NYC_2014_Rare_Bar_And_Grill_Boozy_Burger_brunch_050414_4352 NY_The_Burger_Week_NYC_2014_Rare_Bar_And_Grill_Boozy_Burger_brunch_050414_4377 NY_The_Burger_Week_NYC_2014_Rare_Bar_And_Grill_Boozy_Burger_brunch_050414_4435 NY_The_Burger_Week_NYC_2014_Rare_Bar_And_Grill_Boozy_Burger_brunch_050414_4449

Thank you to everyone who came and enjoyed the Boozy Burger Brunch. Events like this are not easy to do and pretty stressful on a kitchen. You guys were super patient and really fun to serve. You made this a great event. Thank you very much to Doug, Katie, Sergio, Eddie, Jess and everyone else at Rare Bar & Grill. They were the very first restaurant to reach out and ask to be a part of the 3rd Annual NY Burger Week. Thank you to the Gotham Burger Social Club. You guys worked really hard to help promote this event … and finish off the Tequila. I really appreciate the help and had a blast hanging with you again. Last and certainly not least, a big big big THANK YOU goes to Bourbon Jess. You are officially now a part of Burger Week and I anxiously look forward to working with you again in 2015.

NY_The_Burger_Week_NYC_2014_Rare_Bar_And_Grill_Boozy_Burger_brunch_050414_4343 NY_The_Burger_Week_NYC_2014_Rare_Bar_And_Grill_Boozy_Burger_brunch_050414_4376 NY_The_Burger_Week_NYC_2014_Rare_Bar_And_Grill_Boozy_Burger_brunch_050414_4383 NY_The_Burger_Week_NYC_2014_Rare_Bar_And_Grill_Boozy_Burger_brunch_050414_4390 NY_The_Burger_Week_NYC_2014_Rare_Bar_And_Grill_Boozy_Burger_brunch_050414_4404 NY_The_Burger_Week_NYC_2014_Rare_Bar_And_Grill_Boozy_Burger_brunch_050414_4406 NY_The_Burger_Week_NYC_2014_Rare_Bar_And_Grill_Boozy_Burger_brunch_050414_4395 NY_The_Burger_Week_NYC_2014_Rare_Bar_And_Grill_Boozy_Burger_brunch_050414_4409 NY_The_Burger_Week_NYC_2014_Rare_Bar_And_Grill_Boozy_Burger_brunch_050414_4417 NY_The_Burger_Week_NYC_2014_Rare_Bar_And_Grill_Boozy_Burger_brunch_050414_4449 NY_The_Burger_Week_NYC_2014_Rare_Bar_And_Grill_Boozy_Burger_brunch_050414_4460


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