The NY Burger Feast at Hudson Common, NY Burger Week

Hudson Common
356 West 58th Street
New York, NY 10019

– 7 Days of delicious Burger events


To celebrate National Hamburger Month, Burger ConquestBurger Maker & The Food Film Festival proudly bring you the 3rd Annual NY Burger Week, May 1-7, 2014.

The Burger Week is a 7-day celebration of trendsetting chefs and unique burgers with a series of daily events.

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7 days is not a long time. The Burger Week practically ends just as soon as it starts. With so many great Burgers in NYC, the best way for me to get as many of them into your mouth as I can is by putting together a Burger gathering where you can sample many in one night. Enter The NY Burger Feast – a walk around Burger sampling party of some of the best Burgers in the business. The party was hosted by Hudson Common in the Hudson Hotel. They have a beautiful indoor / outdoor space that already has a Beer hall and a Burger bar. It was the perfect place to hold the NY Burger Feast. The event was sponsored by Burger Maker, a fresh ground Beef processor located in Carlstadt, NJ that also happens to be my place of work. We are known for supplying the highest quality of product and customer service in the Food service industry. Burger Maker offers a range of quality products including Certified Angus Beef, Angus Chuck, Prime and Ground Chuck patties and Ground Beef in vacuum bags. This event was the perfect way to let you taste what our customers can do.

At Hudson Common

– $65 for tickets to a Burger Party Where You’ll Sample the Best Burgers Around –

May 2, 2014
Hudson Common
356 West 58th Street, NYC
6:30 – 9:30 pm

Join Burger Maker and the Hudson Hotel as they present THE NY BURGER FEAST.


General admission
Price = $65

  • Admission to event from 6:30 – 9:30 pm
  • Sample from several Burger restaurants
  • 3 All-NY Craft Beer Tasting Pours

Price = $75

  • 1 hour early access 5:30 – 6:30 pm (limited tickets)
  • Admission to event 5:30 – 9:30 pm
  • Sample from 8 Burger restaurants
  • 5 All-NY Craft Beer Tasting Pours

What would The NY Burger Week be without a big burger party? Right? We hear you and we agree and that’s why we created THE NY BURGER FEAST. Join us on Friday, May 2nd for an exclusive Burger party at Hudson Common in the Hudson hotel for a burger and beer feast of epic proportions. We’ve invited some of the best Burger spots around to come and serve you some of the tastiest burgers in the biz. Each restaurant will be showing you their best by offering a signature Burger from their menu using a selection of Burger Maker’s high-quality, fresh ground beef. You’ll go from table to table as you walk around enjoying delicious burgers. Wash it all down with a selection of local craft beers on tap at Hudson Common.

Let’s be honest, it’s kind of unfair for me to rate / review / praise, etc, etc these Burgers since I’ve already let you know that I work for the company that makes the Burger Meat. What I can tell you is that there is no way I would’ve ever taken the job at Burger Maker if I wasn’t already a fan of their product and business practices. You can go back through this blog and you’ll see I’ve been giving them praise for a number of years. They even sponsored the Burger Week in the past. My words here are pretty genuine. When I came up with the idea of the NY Burger Feast with the Hudson Hotel peeps, I wanted to give the opportunity to some of Burger Maker’s customers to come out and show you what they do with our Meat. We say it all the time at the office, we are only 25% of the equation. It’s what the Chef’s do with our Burgers once they have them. To the hundreds of people who got a chance to attend the event, they really did get to eat some of the best of the best.

All the ground Beef we supplied for the event was ground fresh morning of and delivered to the Hudson Hotel by yours truly. I wanted to guarantee the absolute freshest, highest quality showcase of our products.


Hudson Common – The Hudson Common Burger on a Brioche with Common Sauce, Cheese and Pickles.


Fatburger – Small Fatburger – Made with Fatburger’s proprietary Burger Maker custom blend and topped with the works.


Idle Hands Bar – The Berry Goat – Made with Burger Maker’s Fresh Signature Chuck & Hanger Custom Blend and topped with Onion Jam, Goat Cheese & Raspberry on a grilled Brioche.


Manchester Pub – “The Pickleback Mac” – Made with Burger Maker’s Fresh Steakburger and topped with Sharp cheddar, Jameson glaze, spiced Whiskey Butter, Salt and Vinegar Chips & Pickles on an English Muffin.


Point Break – The Carolina Burger – Made with Burger Maker’s Fresh Steakburger and topped with Slow Roasted Pulled Pork and Coleslaw.


Pound and Pence – Merchant’s Signature Burger – Made with Burger Maker’s Certified Angus Beef Steakburger and topped with Provolone, Smokey BBQ Sauce, Applewood Bacon, Caramelized Onions and Crispy Onion Strings.


Burger Maker – “The One Percenter with Smoked Jarlsberg” – Burger Maker’s Certified Angus Beef USDA Prime Fresh Ground Beef, Smoked Jarlsberg on Martin’s Potato Rolls.


Plus a cheese tasting with Jarlsberg


 – The Bronx Brewery

Thank you. Those two words truly, truly, truly sum up my sincere appreciation to everyone that made this happen. It was no small feat to pull this off. First and foremost, to the attendees of the event, thank you for coming out and enjoying some tasty Burgers. Most of the comments I got were very positive. We tried to create a chill environment that wasn’t over crowded with a limited amount of Restaurants involved so that you could take your time and enjoy every single piece of Food offered. I hope we lived up to that. Everyone of you, please join me in thanking the Morgans Hotel Group. In a very excited manner, they took this idea and ran with it. Their production team worked very, very hard to make this happen for you. They believed in the idea from the very first conversation. To Merchants Hospitality, Riese Restaurants, The Burrell Group, Acosta, Manchester Pub, Idle Hands Bar, Point Break, Dennis Hatzinger & Andrew Zurica – seriously, you were the starts of this show. We wanted to give you a stage to show NY Burger lovers the might of your skills and if you’re asking me, you CRUSHED THIS. Every Burger and Cheese that was serves was top notch. I am truly blown away at your abilities to re-create the custom experience you do in your restaurants on the deck patio of a hotel. A serious tip of my hat to your amazing skills. To Sean and The Bronx Brewery, I love your Beer but you know this. Thanks for the awesome dancing, silly shoes and tasty brews. To Ben Trivett, the “official” NY Burger Feast photographer, once again, I hope the payment of delicious Burgers and Craft Beers worth it because I really wouldn’t want anyone else to be the Burger Photog! They aren’t going to want any spot light but I must give a huge thank you to Jamie Schweid and especially John Agostini, from Burger Maker, for really truly working really hard behind the scenes to make this event happen. These guys live and breath Burgers and it’s an honor to work with them.

NY_The_Burger_Week_NYC_2014_Event_NY_Burger_Feast_Hudson_Hotel_Bash_NY_Burger_Feast_Burger_Maker_4079 NY_The_Burger_Week_NYC_2014_Event_NY_Burger_Feast_Hudson_Hotel_Bash_NY_Burger_Feast_Burger_Maker_4083 NY_The_Burger_Week_NYC_2014_Event_NY_Burger_Feast_Hudson_Hotel_Bash_NY_Burger_Feast_Burger_Maker_4086 NY_The_Burger_Week_NYC_2014_Event_NY_Burger_Feast_Hudson_Hotel_Bash_NY_Burger_Feast_Burger_Maker_4087 NY_The_Burger_Week_NYC_2014_Event_NY_Burger_Feast_Hudson_Hotel_Bash_NY_Burger_Feast_Burger_Maker_4090 NY_The_Burger_Week_NYC_2014_Event_NY_Burger_Feast_Hudson_Hotel_Bash_NY_Burger_Feast_Burger_Maker_4103 NY_The_Burger_Week_NYC_2014_Event_NY_Burger_Feast_Hudson_Hotel_Bash_NY_Burger_Feast_Burger_Maker_4094 NY_The_Burger_Week_NYC_2014_Event_NY_Burger_Feast_Hudson_Hotel_Bash_NY_Burger_Feast_Burger_Maker_4109 NY_The_Burger_Week_NYC_2014_Event_NY_Burger_Feast_Hudson_Hotel_Bash_NY_Burger_Feast_Burger_Maker_4135


Ben’s photos
NY_The_Burger_Week_NYC_2014_Event_NY_Burger_Feast_Hudson_Hotel_Bash_NY_Burger_Feast_Burger_Maker__0024 NY_The_Burger_Week_NYC_2014_Event_NY_Burger_Feast_Hudson_Hotel_Bash_NY_Burger_Feast_Burger_Maker__0019 NY_The_Burger_Week_NYC_2014_Event_NY_Burger_Feast_Hudson_Hotel_Bash_NY_Burger_Feast_Burger_Maker__0012 NY_The_Burger_Week_NYC_2014_Event_NY_Burger_Feast_Hudson_Hotel_Bash_NY_Burger_Feast_Burger_Maker__0007NY_The_Burger_Week_NYC_2014_Event_NY_Burger_Feast_Hudson_Hotel_Bash_NY_Burger_Feast_Burger_Maker__0039NY_The_Burger_Week_NYC_2014_Event_NY_Burger_Feast_Hudson_Hotel_Bash_NY_Burger_Feast_Burger_Maker__0036NY_The_Burger_Week_NYC_2014_Event_NY_Burger_Feast_Hudson_Hotel_Bash_NY_Burger_Feast_Burger_Maker__0034NY_The_Burger_Week_NYC_2014_Event_NY_Burger_Feast_Hudson_Hotel_Bash_NY_Burger_Feast_Burger_Maker__0029NY_The_Burger_Week_NYC_2014_Event_NY_Burger_Feast_Hudson_Hotel_Bash_NY_Burger_Feast_Burger_Maker__0027NY_The_Burger_Week_NYC_2014_Event_NY_Burger_Feast_Hudson_Hotel_Bash_NY_Burger_Feast_Burger_Maker__0044NY_The_Burger_Week_NYC_2014_Event_NY_Burger_Feast_Hudson_Hotel_Bash_NY_Burger_Feast_Burger_Maker__0065NY_The_Burger_Week_NYC_2014_Event_NY_Burger_Feast_Hudson_Hotel_Bash_NY_Burger_Feast_Burger_Maker__0058NY_The_Burger_Week_NYC_2014_Event_NY_Burger_Feast_Hudson_Hotel_Bash_NY_Burger_Feast_Burger_Maker__0055NY_The_Burger_Week_NYC_2014_Event_NY_Burger_Feast_Hudson_Hotel_Bash_NY_Burger_Feast_Burger_Maker__0051NY_The_Burger_Week_NYC_2014_Event_NY_Burger_Feast_Hudson_Hotel_Bash_NY_Burger_Feast_Burger_Maker__0081NY_The_Burger_Week_NYC_2014_Event_NY_Burger_Feast_Hudson_Hotel_Bash_NY_Burger_Feast_Burger_Maker__0078NY_The_Burger_Week_NYC_2014_Event_NY_Burger_Feast_Hudson_Hotel_Bash_NY_Burger_Feast_Burger_Maker__0076NY_The_Burger_Week_NYC_2014_Event_NY_Burger_Feast_Hudson_Hotel_Bash_NY_Burger_Feast_Burger_Maker__0073NY_The_Burger_Week_NYC_2014_Event_NY_Burger_Feast_Hudson_Hotel_Bash_NY_Burger_Feast_Burger_Maker__0070NY_The_Burger_Week_NYC_2014_Event_NY_Burger_Feast_Hudson_Hotel_Bash_NY_Burger_Feast_Burger_Maker__0101NY_The_Burger_Week_NYC_2014_Event_NY_Burger_Feast_Hudson_Hotel_Bash_NY_Burger_Feast_Burger_Maker__0098NY_The_Burger_Week_NYC_2014_Event_NY_Burger_Feast_Hudson_Hotel_Bash_NY_Burger_Feast_Burger_Maker__0092NY_The_Burger_Week_NYC_2014_Event_NY_Burger_Feast_Hudson_Hotel_Bash_NY_Burger_Feast_Burger_Maker__0091NY_The_Burger_Week_NYC_2014_Event_NY_Burger_Feast_Hudson_Hotel_Bash_NY_Burger_Feast_Burger_Maker__0084NY_The_Burger_Week_NYC_2014_Event_NY_Burger_Feast_Hudson_Hotel_Bash_NY_Burger_Feast_Burger_Maker__0108NY_The_Burger_Week_NYC_2014_Event_NY_Burger_Feast_Hudson_Hotel_Bash_NY_Burger_Feast_Burger_Maker__0107NY_The_Burger_Week_NYC_2014_Event_NY_Burger_Feast_Hudson_Hotel_Bash_NY_Burger_Feast_Burger_Maker__0104NY_The_Burger_Week_NYC_2014_Event_NY_Burger_Feast_Hudson_Hotel_Bash_NY_Burger_Feast_Burger_Maker__0103NY_The_Burger_Week_NYC_2014_Event_NY_Burger_Feast_Hudson_Hotel_Bash_NY_Burger_Feast_Burger_Maker__0121NY_The_Burger_Week_NYC_2014_Event_NY_Burger_Feast_Hudson_Hotel_Bash_NY_Burger_Feast_Burger_Maker__0120NY_The_Burger_Week_NYC_2014_Event_NY_Burger_Feast_Hudson_Hotel_Bash_NY_Burger_Feast_Burger_Maker__0116NY_The_Burger_Week_NYC_2014_Event_NY_Burger_Feast_Hudson_Hotel_Bash_NY_Burger_Feast_Burger_Maker__0161NY_The_Burger_Week_NYC_2014_Event_NY_Burger_Feast_Hudson_Hotel_Bash_NY_Burger_Feast_Burger_Maker__0118NY_The_Burger_Week_NYC_2014_Event_NY_Burger_Feast_Hudson_Hotel_Bash_NY_Burger_Feast_Burger_Maker__0150NY_The_Burger_Week_NYC_2014_Event_NY_Burger_Feast_Hudson_Hotel_Bash_NY_Burger_Feast_Burger_Maker__0143NY_The_Burger_Week_NYC_2014_Event_NY_Burger_Feast_Hudson_Hotel_Bash_NY_Burger_Feast_Burger_Maker__0142NY_The_Burger_Week_NYC_2014_Event_NY_Burger_Feast_Hudson_Hotel_Bash_NY_Burger_Feast_Burger_Maker__0134NY_The_Burger_Week_NYC_2014_Event_NY_Burger_Feast_Hudson_Hotel_Bash_NY_Burger_Feast_Burger_Maker__0189NY_The_Burger_Week_NYC_2014_Event_NY_Burger_Feast_Hudson_Hotel_Bash_NY_Burger_Feast_Burger_Maker__0185NY_The_Burger_Week_NYC_2014_Event_NY_Burger_Feast_Hudson_Hotel_Bash_NY_Burger_Feast_Burger_Maker__0181NY_The_Burger_Week_NYC_2014_Event_NY_Burger_Feast_Hudson_Hotel_Bash_NY_Burger_Feast_Burger_Maker__0163NY_The_Burger_Week_NYC_2014_Event_NY_Burger_Feast_Hudson_Hotel_Bash_NY_Burger_Feast_Burger_Maker__0207NY_The_Burger_Week_NYC_2014_Event_NY_Burger_Feast_Hudson_Hotel_Bash_NY_Burger_Feast_Burger_Maker__0204NY_The_Burger_Week_NYC_2014_Event_NY_Burger_Feast_Hudson_Hotel_Bash_NY_Burger_Feast_Burger_Maker__0124NY_The_Burger_Week_NYC_2014_Event_NY_Burger_Feast_Hudson_Hotel_Bash_NY_Burger_Feast_Burger_Maker__0111NY_The_Burger_Week_NYC_2014_Event_NY_Burger_Feast_Hudson_Hotel_Bash_NY_Burger_Feast_Burger_Maker__0195

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