Where Is The Best Burger In New Jersey?

Where Is The Best Burger In New Jersey?

The Burger Conquest started in 2008 when I ate a Burger at Arthur’s Tavern in Hoboken, NJ. When I ate that Burger, I knew I had to tell the world about it. At the time I was living in Manhattan, I was working in Weekhawken, NJ so most of my reviews were about Burgers in the city but the occasional NJ Burger made it’s way in here like the White Manna, Blitzburgers and Rossi’s Bar and Grill.

Since then the Conquest has taken me to places like Oregon, Amsterdam, Florida, London, Arizona, Argentina, Texas, Italy and more. Very recently though, I relocated back to the Garden State. Now that I am here, I am looking to eat more Burgers in NJ so I am asking you for help. I am looking for the best Burgers in New Jersey and I want you to tell me where they are.

Please submit your favorite Burger joint in the form below. I will take the top 10 or 20 or so and post them on the site. Together we will create the best Burger in New Jersey list. Maybe we will even put a little Burger crawl event together where we visit the best of the best.


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2 Responses to Where Is The Best Burger In New Jersey?

  1. dino tahimos says:

    The dutch house is the best!

  2. Chris Maier says:

    Joe’s Bar & Grill has the best Burger that I have ever had.
    It’s not all the stuff that is put on the burger, it is the meat,
    how it is cooked and the roll. I travel 45 miles just
    to have their burger. None better snd I mean none better.

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