How To Write Yelp Reviews And Be Good For Business

How To Write Yelp Reviews And Be Good For Business

Did you write this review on Yelp?

If you did, then you are a troll.

This is an unfair Yelp review of Roberta’s Pizza in Brooklyn, NY. Whomever wrote this is perpetuating the lie that Yelp is bad for business. Yelp is good for business as it helps people to find local businesses and ultimately make a decision on whether to patronize. Yelp can also help business owners to learn about their business and how to grow it.

Unfortunately though, the internet has given trolls, aka anonymous haters, a place to do their worst. As a consumer you need to filter these people out when reading Yelp reviews on a business. Not being seated 3 minutes after close is just a ridiculous request. Chances are there is another issue behind this issue and this person just used it to be rude. You can clearly see that they have no profile photo, no friends and only 3 reviews, which if you click to read, are all negative. This person is a waste of internet space.

Here’s another one for the same restaurant. Can you tell me what is the worst part of this review?

THIS PERSON CLAIMS TO WORK IN THE RESTAURANT BIZ! This character is the worst kind of troll. The rest of their review doesn’t really matter because they should know better than to have done this. I guarantee if someone wrote a negative review about the service they provide or the place they work at, this person would be very angry.

If you have less than a 4 or 5 star experience at a local business, tell the manager or an owner. Do not write a negative review on Yelp about it. Instead, do something to help them be a better business. What if the owner of that restaurant could rate you back on something in your life? You would hate it. Everyone has a bad day here and there. No one is perfect. You are far better off helping someone than hurting them.

Here are some tips on how to write a good Yelp review and help a business rather than hurt them. We’ll use a Burger I recently ate as an example.

AJ’s Burgers
542 North Ave
New Rochelle, NY 10801

how_to_write_yelp_reviews_good_for_business_ajs_burgers_new_rochelle_ny_conquest_marketing_blog_1773AJ’s Burgers Sliders Cheeseburger with Grilled Onions on a Martin’s Potato Roll.

Let’s start with the do nots. If any of the following happens to you while patronizing a local business, do not write a Yelp review about it.

  • Rude service from an employee
  • A good or service was not delivered to your expectation
  • The business was closed when you arrived
  • You felt the goods or services were too expensive
  • You did not like the other customers who were also patronizing the business

And the worst, do NOT give a business less than a 5 star if you had a great time, nice food or good service. If it was average or above average, give them a 4 or 5. If you aren’t willing to give them a 4 or 5 star, do NOT write a review on Yelp.

Don’t be that person.
ajs_burgers_yelp_review_48 AM

All of the above are either based on your biased opinion or could easily been rectified by telling someone who works there. Most local business owners want to give you great service. It would be their pleasure to help you rectify a bad situation. The best managers and owners will go out of their way to make a less than 5-star experience become one for you. Keep it between you and the service provider and let them know.

How to post a good review on Yelp

1. On either your browser or in the mobile app, search for the business you want to review. When you get to their page, tap or click “Write a Review.”

how_to_write_yelp_reviews_good_for_business_ajs_burgers_new_rochelle_ny_conquest_marketing_blog_52.02 AM


2. Click or tap on the 5th star on the right to give them a 5 star rating and type out the specifics of your review in the “Your review” bubble. Yelp even gives you suggestions on what you could write.

how_to_write_yelp_reviews_good_for_business_ajs_burgers_new_rochelle_ny_conquest_marketing_blog_52.48 AM

3. Once you’ve written something very nice about the business, tap next on mobile or “save now” in the browser. This will save your review for later editing before posting live. You can add in additional information and photos if you like.


4. If or when you are ready to post, click post.
how_to_write_yelp_reviews_good_for_business_ajs_burgers_new_rochelle_ny_conquest_marketing_blog_53.35 AM

Don’t be a nuisance or a troll, it’s not going to get you anywhere. Use Yelp to be a help and highlight local businesses you like by writing a nice review.

thumper yelp meme If you can't say something nice on Yelp don't Yelp nothing at all

And when you are in New Rochelle, NY visiting AJ’s Burgers, be sure to check in and redeem the order of free Dogs in Dough. They are all natural beef cased hot dogs, wrapped in house made pizza dough. For dipping, the deli mustard is good but the spicy chipotle dip is even better.

And now for more photos of the excellent Food at AJ’s Burgers along with the section of their website that let me know I would enjoy these Burgers.


how_to_write_yelp_reviews_good_for_business_ajs_burgers_new_rochelle_ny_conquest_marketing_blog_1760 how_to_write_yelp_reviews_good_for_business_ajs_burgers_new_rochelle_ny_conquest_marketing_blog_1766 how_to_write_yelp_reviews_good_for_business_ajs_burgers_new_rochelle_ny_conquest_marketing_blog_1774 how_to_write_yelp_reviews_good_for_business_ajs_burgers_new_rochelle_ny_conquest_marketing_blog_1776 how_to_write_yelp_reviews_good_for_business_ajs_burgers_new_rochelle_ny_conquest_marketing_blog_1779 how_to_write_yelp_reviews_good_for_business_ajs_burgers_new_rochelle_ny_conquest_marketing_blog_1784

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1 Response to How To Write Yelp Reviews And Be Good For Business

  1. Jon Pearson says:

    Love your website, but I think your Yelp posting rules were a bit harsh.

    I agree that the business being closed, the food being too expensive, and other patrons of a restaurant are bad reasons to leave a negative review for a restaurant. I also agree that talking to management is the better way to handle poor service, rude employees, poor food etc. Where I disagree is never leaving a review below the value of 4 stars. By your system all restaurants are either 4’s or 5’s and only the number of reviews helps determine between them (assuming people will only post if they like the restaurant). Wont this bias the system toward long standing restaurants and dissuade people from trying new places? Personally, I think the most helpful Yelp reviews are those in the 2-3 star range. If you’ve gone to a restaurant multiple times, been treated rudely or served mediocre or poor food, mentioned it to management, and nothing has changed then that restaurant deserves to have a poor rating. If I read a well crafted Yelp review to this end, I will treat it more thoughtfully than a 5-star “Cheap Drinks!!!” review.

    I agree that trolling a restaurant for the wrong reason is bad for restaurants and Yelp, but having a review system not only based on “good and great” but the whole “awful to amazing spectrum” is kind of key to allow new restaurants to reap the benefit and punish restaurants who don’t change their food/service despite complaints.

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