Rev Ciancio Joins Yext as Director, Partner Marketing

I’m honored and excited to announce that next week I will be starting as the Director, Partner Marketing at YextBrick and mortar businesses use their cloud-based software to correct, manage, and control their location data and online reputation.

As you probably know, I am a huge advocate for both location-based marketing and also reputation management. In 2015 search queries on Google for “near me” doubled and if that’s not proof that local is king in search, type in the word “Burger” into a Google search and tell me what you get. The top results will be for restaurants known for serving Burgers.

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a Burger recipe, grinding instructions or the history of Burgers, the search engines prioritize local search first. That means if you are a location based business owner or a marketer for a company that has location based businesses, search should be the foundation of your marketing plan.

I learned this brick by brick when I was a co-owner in a bar in NYC. Idle Hands Bar may not have been the busiest bar, but we certainly figured out how to out market our competition using location based search, SEO, content marketing and reputation management (ratings and reviews).

When you do location based marketing and your location data is correct, you can compete on the same level as the biggest of companies. Learning the power that gives you turned me into a proponent which eventually lead me to learning about Yext and what advantages their software can give a location based business.

I’ve had the pleasure of using the Yext Location Cloud not only to learn more about the subject but also to help some of my own clients embrace the future of marketing.  

In my new role, I will have the honor of working to with both the sales and marketing teams to help ensure the success of Yext’s amazing reseller partners and their brick & mortar clients. I look forward to bringing my experience as an owner of both a brand marketing agency and a local bar/restaurant to help businesses all over the globe drive more customers through their front doors.

Want to learn more about Yext? Check out how brands like Ben & Jerry’s, Cicis, Denny’s, Freebirds World Burrito, and Huddle House are using Yext to attract more customers today: Yext Customer Success Stories

Want to understand why location data accuracy is so important for brick and mortar businesses? Click here

And yes, I still DEFINITELY like burgers.

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