Shake Shack – The 5th Ever Polar Brrrger Club

Shake Shack
11 Madison Ave
New York, NY 10010

“Brave/Silly Humans Are Eating Hamburgers Outside Today & You Can Too” was the title of the article published by Gothamist about the 5th ever Polar Brrrger Club. The person that sent it to me felt a little awkward about having to deliver that message. Well guess what? NO WORRIES!

We are honored and proud to be recognized as being both brave & silly in our pursuits to freeze off our hands trying to chomp down a tasty Burger! Thanks Gothamist!

If and when there is a giant winter snow storm, huge blizzard,  snowmageddon, snowpocalypse, polar vortex, or whatever nom du jour is given to a blustering snow flake driven cold front into NYC, I put out the call to New York’s hungriest and courageous Burger eaters to be a part of the “Polar Brrrger Club.”

It’s a play on the name of the long running club of winter bathers who take a polar bear plunge into the freezing waters off Coney Island on New Years Day. While they strip down to just some summer style swim wear and dive feet first into icy waters, we round up and eat Hamburgers in the cold.

The wearing of Hawaiian shirts or guayabera at the gathering is encouraged but not enforced.

Thanks to all the Polar Brrrger Clubbers that came out to brave the cold and have a good time. As only could happen in New York City, a flock of pigeons surrounded us in an attempt to get some our eats. One of them, who I can only assume was the actual Godpigeon mounted a violent attack on me. My only option was to surrender my bacon cheddar fries. Its a shame, because those are some excellent fries!



Thank you to the Burger fantastics at Gothamist who always take the time to promote the event and find a new way to poke fun at our fun. I sincerely appreciate it!

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