Get Angry Dog With A Queso Burger

When is the last time you had 6 Burgers in one day? For me it was last Wednesday. It was my first time in Dallas where I actually had the opportunity to check out some local grub and I took advantage of it as best I could.

My 5th of the day was from Angry Dog in Deep Ellum. This one took me by surprise. I thought it was going to be just another bar Burger but I was so wrong. Menu description: “D BEST. A half-pound of the highest-quality ground beef, cooked to order, with your choice of mustard or mayo (or both). Served with red onions (raw or grilled), lettuce, tomato & pickles on the side. Customize with items from our EXTRAS section.

One thing I learned about Dallas is that the mustard-mayo combo is a thing. I’d normally pass but decided to roll like the locals. I also went with queso as my cheese, which definitely turned out to be the right move.

The Burg was excellent but what really set my meal apart was the choice of side items. Of course they have the standard fries, onion rings, salad, etc but they also offer the side of the house made refried greens topped with cheese and salsa. Our waiter also highly recommend adding the hot wing sauce to it.

Holy mama of Texas, it was the best bowl of refried beans I’ve ever had my life! Sorry no pictures as it just didn’t photograph well. That being said I recommend, no, I demand you go and eat it soon as possible!

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