The Increíble Chicken Torta From Tortaria

It’s seldom that I get excited, and I mean REALLY amped, about a chicken sandwich. In fact, most times when I’m eating a ??, I’m wishing it was a ?.

So with that in mind, I’m telling you that the Milanesa de Pollo from Tortaria is volteando increíble!!! (Thanks Google Translate.)

The menu reads; panko-crusted chicken cutlet cooked until golden brown and served with spicy black beans, melted Oaxaca cheese, avocado, pickled red onion and jalapeño, chipotle mayo and cilantro sprigs. It’s so good.

The Burger and fries were quite excellent as well, but we will get to those in another post.

Thanks to @hungryhippie_ for the introduction!

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